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Why FontShop?

Most resellers are little more than bits and bytes. FontShop is run by real human beings who really know their stuff. But don’t take our word for it. Take it from our regulars:

Just bought a typeface from Remarkably good shopping cart user experience, one of the best I’ve seen.”— Khoi Vinh,

I have just spent an hour using my new FontBook for a cover I am designing. I love it! I discovered new fonts (didn’t realize how hungry I was for them). The FontBook is one of my most important tools.”— Valerie Brewster

The Type Research service is so great... My typography courses were so long ago, it’s hard to keep up!”— Vikki Wiercinski, Vue Weekly

Sometimes young designers are afraid to ask dumb questions, so your patient expertise is worth its weight in gold!”— Dianne Fischer

Damn, you’re good, and fast. Thanks for matching the font. I am ecstatic with your service”—John Scheers

I just got my issue of Font in the mail. YEAH!!! The FontShop mag is easily my favorite, up there with Communication Arts. Yes, that is a compliment.”— Nancy Wu, Nancy Wu Design

Once again, I'm impressed with the Fontshop’s level of personal response and the accessibility of customer support. I also love the calendars showcasing fonts. You guys are so much more user-friendly (and inspiring) than other vendors. Thanks again for the excellent service. I continue to be a very satisfied customer.”— Sue Niewiarowski, n-design

It can be very frustrating when dealing with font related issues under the tight deadlines most projects seem to have these days. I very much appreciate the additional support.”— John Chastain, Lodge Design

The customer service has always been fantastic. I frequently have to call to buy fonts, and it's so nice to get someone immediately on the phone, rather than an electronic message. You have been able to fix any problems quickly and efficiently."— Blair Richardson, Pentagram

FontShop is one of the great font houses.”— John Holecek

What Makes Us Different

  • Expert phone support

    . In most cases your call is answered right away, by a human. No phone trees. Instant help.
  • Personal service

    . FontShop’s experience runs deep, and our selection is broad, but that doesn’t mean we’ve got a vast bureaucracy to match. Think of us as your local grocer. We know your name and needs by heart.
  • Shop with confidence

    . We carry thousands of fonts from both major vendors and indie foundries. But, unlike the other guys, our stock is carefully selected. You won’t find any fly-by-night fontage here.