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Font magazine 006

The not-so-old adage is pretty simple: “Think globally. Act locally.” Font 006 won’t give you any tips on sorting recyclables, but it will suggest another interesting idea: “Think globally. Design locally.”

In this issue, we hope to bring back some of the wonder that comes with design exploration. Our travels take us to South Africa, Sarajevo, São Paulo, Iran, and Havana.

In sharing these stories with you, we hope that you’ll gain an appreciation for the wide variety of contributions made to our design community each and every day. We also encourage you to think about preserving the diversity of our design culture and even integrating these kinds of cultural nuances back into your own practice.

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Font 006 Cover

26 Letters ProjectNew Type Specimens

Sarajevo DingbatsCuba

Font 006: Table of Contents

Iran: Reza AbediniCheck out the magazine’s Web Extras available now on the site.

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