New FontFonts: Release 48


Spring gives life to a fresh bunch of FontFonts, from the comprehensive collection of modern pictograms in FF Dingbats 2.0 to the new serifed sister of FF Milo. As you’ve come to expect from recent FF releases, this one also includes a big batch of OpenType revisions and language extensions. And we’re very pleased to offer two FF Skill Sets in OpenType — the best way to get multiple task-specific font families in a single package.

FF Dingbats 2.0
FF Dingbats 2.0
FF Dingbats 2.0 Layers

FF Dingbats™ 2.0 OpenType

Designed back when Zapf Dingbats were the only symbols in font form, the FF Dingbats package was the first to illustrate modern communication, with some 800 images and icons of faxes, ISDN, disks, and keyboards. But the face of the tech world has changed significantly since the early ’90s. Floppy disks and cassette tapes have gone the way of the dinosaurs. So Johannes Erler and Henning Skibbe have revisited FF Dingbats, redesigning it for the new modern age of flat panels and iPhones®.

What else is new in FF Dingbats 2.0? The style and finish of the pictograms is now consistent with today’s stylistic vocabulary. Arrow and number fonts have been reworked and extended. All symbols have been sorted into clear categories and the “Strong Forms” font includes the most needed symbols with simpler, bolder lines. Also new in 2.0: quickly add color fills via an OpenType-powered layering feature. All this makes FF Dingbats 2.0 a state-of-the-art font package again and the largest collection of contemporary symbols and icons for office communication.

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FF Milo Serif

FF Milo® Serif 1, FF Milo® Serif 2 OpenType

Mike Abbink began FF Milo in 2000 with the goal of creating a compact typeface with very short ascenders and descenders. Because of its compact design FF Milo is a workhorse typeface suitable for magazine and newspaper typography. It has modern bones with a touch of detail for distinction (especially in the italics). The designer named the typeface Milo after a resilient grain. Much like corn or grain is for many cultures, FF Milo is intended to be a solid staple of any typographic diet.

With the help of Paul van der Laan for kerning, spacing and production, Mike Abbink developed FF Milo Serif as a companion to the Sans, but it is also perfectly suitable as a standalone typeface or used together with any other sans serif typeface. Like FF Milo, FF Milo Serif is also a resilient grain. Although rooted with historical attributes it is truly a contemporary face. FF Milo Serif comes with small caps, tabular figures, oldstyle figures, lining figures, as well as a wealth of ligatures.

» FF Milo Sans/Serif Basic Suite (8 Fonts)
Milo Sans & Serif Text, & Bold all with italics

» FF Milo Sans/Serif Suite (12 Fonts)
Milo Sans & Serif Text, Bold, & Black all with italics

FF Seria Arabic

FF Seria® Arabic OpenType

The first Arabic typeface in the FontFont library, Pascal Zoghbi’s design was originally called Sada, the Arabic word for “echo”. Accordingly, this face is the echo of FF Seria by Martin Majoor. FF Seria Arabic is a young crispy type based on the Nasekh style. The Regular and Bold are text typefaces, the Light is both display and text type, while the Black is purely a display typeface. Besides FF Seria, this Arabic face works well together with all modern serif fonts that share similar proportions and characteristics. FF Seria Arabic also functions independently as a modern Arabic type.

Expanded Families

FF Oneleigh

FF Oneleigh OpenType

For the OpenType Pro release of his whimsical Oneleigh, Nick Shinn added an Extended Latin character set, a set of neutral italic uppercase as an alternative to the more playful forms, four figure sets, small caps, contextual alternates, and a few smart discretionary ligatures. Oneleigh now leads the fanciful life it was meant to live.

FF Oneleigh Pro offers full support for Baltic, CE, Turkish, Latin 3, and Latin Extended languages.

FF Milo Pro

FF Milo 1 Pro, FF Milo 2 Pro, FF Milo 3 Pro OpenType

New Languages: Baltic, CE, Turkish, Latin 3, Latin Extd

FF Balance

FF Balance 1 Pro, FF Balance 2 Pro OpenType

New: OpenType Format
New Languages: Baltic, CE, Turkish, Latin 3, Latin Extd

FF Dolores

FF Dolores OTOpenType

New: OpenType Format

FF Dolores Pro OpenType
New: OpenType Format
New Languages: Baltic, CE, Turkish, Latin 3, Cyrillic

Now in OpenType

FF Nelio

FF Nelio OpenType

FF Ticket

FF Ticket OpenType

FF Care Pack

FF Care Pack OpenType

FF Backstage

FF Backstage OpenType

FF Elegie

FF Elegie OpenType

FF Merlin

FF Merlin OpenType

Language Extensions

Let experts do the work for you. With thousands of FontFonts available, the options can be as daunting as they are exciting. FF Skill Sets, handpicked by typography masters Erik Spiekermann and Jürgen Siebert, compile the best FontFont families for editorial and corporate design. You pick which one (or more) best suits your practice. With all the right OpenType fonts licensed on CD, you can focus on what you do best: design. You’ll save a bundle of cash too.

Corporate Corporate

FF Editorial & Publishing™ OT OpenType

FF Editorial & Publishing includes quality text and display fonts suitable for magazines, newspapers, books, and newsletters. The 12-family library includes full sets of weights and styles for maximum flexibility.

» FF Editorial & Publishing™ Brochure (0.8mb PDF)
» FF Editorial & Publishing™ OpenType Features (0.3mb PDF)

Corporate Corporate

FF Corporate & Business™ OT OpenType

FF Corporate & Business includes serious text and display fonts suitable for annual reports, documentation, logos, and general office use. The 11-family library includes full sets of weights and styles for maximum flexibility.

» FF Corporate & Business™ Brochure (0.8mb PDF)
» FF Corporate & Business™ OpenType Features (0.3mb PDF)

Dingbats Sampler

We want you to experience the quality of FF Dingbats 2.0, including the nifty layer feature, so we’re making it easy. Get the Sampler font and give it a go for free. It includes a few images from each font in the regular set.

» Download FF Dingbats 2.0 Sampler at FF



Fonts used in title graphic: FF Milo, FF Milo Serif and FF Dingbats 2.0.


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