Font 005 Is Hot Off the Press

  FONT 005 IS HOT OFF THE PRESS. FontShop’s acclaimed magazine of typography and design continues its run with Font 005: Legibility. This issue’s cover story takes on the historical and cultural impressions left by letterforms that are very different from those of digital type: graffiti. Writer Ian Lynam finds that despite their disparity, graffiti and graphic design continue to influence each other and mix blood as they evolve.

Heavy stuff, indeed. There’s less serious fare in this issue, too. Marian Bantjes returns to write and illustrate in hilarious fashion a long overdue critique of the alphabet. And in the Foundry Spotlight, type designers chime in with their (sometimes acerbic) takes on the topic of legibility.

All this, plus a slew of new font showings and typographic eye candy. With design from Punchcut and editorial help from Amos Klausner and Tamye Riggs, Font 005 is another trove of design inspiration and edification.

Font 005 Cover

Illegible: Traveling the Paths of Urban PioneersFoundry Spotlight

Featured Distractions: Our favorite underused fonts.New Fonts

Stack o' Font 005These are just a few glimpses of the typographic treasures within Font 005. For more, see the issue guide or skip all this previewing and order up your free copy now.

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Did you guess the font hinted at in the April calendar? It’s Julia Script™. See it in all its glory: download the May calendar now.

We don't just sell type, we live on it. The FontFeed is a blog, updated at least weekly with typography tips, examples of type in use, and FontShop developments. Here's a taste of the latest entries:

Font 005 Web Extras

There are only so many pages in Font 005 and so much we want to show and tell. The overflow goes into this special section of the FontFeed. Catch the rest of Fred Smeijers thoughts on legibility, learn how to create quirky characters with FF Headz, and find out more about the typefaces featured in the magazine.

State of the Art

Wes Wong sat down with RIME as part of Font magazine’s exploration of graffiti. The style master tells us what works, what doesn’t, and where he thinks the art is headed. He also introduces The Exchange, an online collaboration of graf writers from around the world.

FontShop’s stream of high quality freebies continues to flow with Mark Van Bronkhorst’s MVB Verdigris Regular.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase MVB Verdigris.



Fonts used in header: FF Nexus Serif, FF Care Pack, and Ketchupa.


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