New Foundries: Suitcase and Three Islands Press


Two noteworthy libraries earned a place in the FontShop aisles this month. First, from the Czech Republic, comes Suitcase Type Foundry. Proprietor Tomáš Brousil is a relative newcomer to the font world, but is already making waves and winning awards for his refined, contemporary typefaces. Also new is Three Islands Press. Brian Willson’s handsome historical scripts and text faces are a mainstay of those who yearn for the days when fountain pen and hot metal put ink to paper. Finally, we introduce you to one of the most comprehensive fonts ever produced: P22 Underground Pro.

TDC2 2008 Winner


Gloriola OpenType

A versatile workhorse sans serif with personality, Gloriola comes with broad language support and alternates in seven weights, from Hair to Fat. Meticulously crafted, it’s no surprise that the Type Director's Club recognized it as one of the best designs of 2008.


Dederon Sans OpenType & Dederon Serif OpenType

The Dederon family, with sans and serif in matching weights, is wholly original due to its unusual serifs and stroke endings. Because it was designed specifically for book typesetting, Dederon meets the demands of almost any text-heavy project, allowing effortless reading.

This image has been updated since the newsletter was sent via email. The text showing was unintentionally set in Dancer Serif. Apologies from the designer.


Vafle OpenType

The twelve styles of Vafle tell the story of Reflex magazine, designed by Marek Pistora. From shadowed to slabbed, stenciled to scratched, each variation on the constructed, utilitarian letterforms met a new need of the evolving publication. The resulting family is ideal for creating an identity of your own, be it magazine or corporate.

Bistro Script

Bistro Script OpenType

Taking a break from his text and headline typefaces, Brousil just created this contemporary calligraphic script inspired by promotional art in the 1960s. Thanks to OpenType features, a variety of ligatures and alternative glyphs allow the user to create more authentic and varied connections between letters.


Corpulent OpenType

The ultra-fat faces of the ’80s are making a comeback, and while some lesser attempts are simply pumped up versions of existing fonts, Corpulent was drawn from scratch to be as thick as you can get and remain legible.


Magion OpenType

Magion is a simple geometric sans, ideal for magazine headlines, logotypes, wayfinding systems, and of course large billboards which need to make a great impact.


Katarine OpenType

Katarine starts with the simple structure of a face like DIN or Trade Gothic, but ends up being much warmer, thanks to its soft finish. A full range of figures, small caps, ligatures, arrows, and even banners of various styles are all included.


Metalista is Brousil's contemporary expression of metal culture, and it's free for a limited time.

Free offer no longer available.

Three Islands Press



A full-featured typeface that simulates old newspaper text from the 1700s, Broadsheet gives you all the “long s” ligatures you could dream of. Wonderfully authentic in either display type or long body copy.

Get even more vintage type for less in the 3IP Historical Texts package.

Lamar Pen

Lamar Pen

Named for Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, an important figure in Texas’ 1836 independence. Historian and type designer Brian Willson beautifully digitized this elegant writing, a product of Lamar’s privileged Southern upbringing.

Get Lamar Pen and five other antique handwriting fonts for one low price in the 3IP Historical Pens package.


P22 Underground

P22 Underground Pro OpenType

Based on Edward Johnston’s historical type design for London Transport’s Underground Railway system. Underground Pro is the most expansive P22 font system yet. It includes six weights with unprecedented language support for Latin (extended Latin, plus IPA, Vietnamese, symbols and stylistic variants), Greek (monotonic & polytonic) and Cyrillic (including Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, etc.) languages. Other features include Small Caps and Petite Caps for all weights, titling options that mimic London Transport signage and the addition of lower case characters to the bold weight.

Licensed exclusively to P22 by the London Transport Museum, the overall design of Underground Pro is kept as intended by Johnston. Although the regular and bold weights have been subtly redrawn for Underground Pro, the characteristics of the 1916 design remain intact.

The possibilities of OpenType have also afforded a great opportunity to expand on this classic type design. The Pro version includes alternate caps from Johnston’s lettering for Dryad, “humanistic” and “geometric” alternates and a stylistic set that replaces all the diamond-shaped punctuation and diacritic marks with circular ones.

Peruse Underground Pro’s extensive glyph set with ease using FontShop’s advanced Character Set viewer.



Fonts used in title graphic: Corpulent & Purista.


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