New Foundries: Dalton Maag and Samuelstype


From crystal clear to cunningly corroded, each FontFont in this new shipment has its proper place, but all of them deserve a spot at the top of your digital type case. And as if that wasn’t enough variety, we’re launching an exclusive collection of unconventional display faces from British foundry Fontsmith. For nearly a decade, high profile clients like the BBC, Virgin Media, and Xerox have commissioned Jason Smith and his studio to do custom type design work. Now Fontsmith is offering their set of retail fonts exclusively through FontShop. Scroll for the skinny.



FF Trixie OT & FF Trixie Pro OpenType

Since its release in 1991, from “The X-Files” to “Atonement”, FF Trixie has served as the defacto typeface of mystery and intrigue. For years, it was the most convincing typewriter font available, but FontFont veteran Erik van Blokland was not satisfied. Early printing and operating systems could only handle so many points per font, so FF Trixie’s outlines weren’t as realistic as he wanted.

Trixie Features

Enter OpenType. Now that technology has caught up with his vision, Van Blokland has thrown everything he can at it. The new FF Trixie offers Rough variations that have more detail for use at larger sizes, yet keep the same overall shape as the originals.

But the real advancement is found in FF Trixie HD, which contains seven alternates for each character, each with its own weight and texture. Just like typewritten forms, the letters dance on the baseline and reveal the effect of ink on the ribbon. Van Blokland didn’t stop there. Playing with OpenType’s ability to automatically substitute glyphs, he added a variety of clever effects such as more erratic baseline shifting, faux Greek and Cyrillic, and censor simulation.


FF Trixie HD sets a new standard for detail and artificial intelligence. We can safely say no digital font comes closer to emulating a mechanical typewriter. The OT package contains all the features above. Go Pro for CE, Greek, and Cyrillic support.

Download FF Trixie Guide  980KB PDF

FF Netto

FF Netto OpenType

With FF Netto, Daniel Utz has stripped letters of any historical detail, leaving them with the barest, clearest forms possible. This makes FF Netto ideal for wayfinding, where quick recognition is essential. A series of simple and useful icons and arrows add to its utility for information design, and intelligent borders let you group the pictograms using just a few keystrokes.

Download FF Netto Guide  140KB PDF

Chamber Sans

FF Chambers Sans OpenType

Verena Gerlach’s experiment with oppositional styles resulted in this combination of static grotesque forms and the dynamic forms of a traditional antique typeface. The weights and italics are finely balanced so that it is especially suitable for setting books, but its frugal originality is also appropriate for use in large sizes like in poster design. The type family contains a range of alternate characters, small caps, ligatures, and (in the Regular weight) swashed initials, making it a versatile typographic tool.

Download FF Chambers Sans Guide  220KB PDF

The best way to test the quality of FF Chambers Sans is by using one of the OpenType fonts themselves. The Medium Italic font is a free download for a limited time.

» Download FF Chambers Sans OT Medium Italic


FF Enzo OpenType

Inspired by a variety of styles, both past and present, FF Enzo is a lively multi-weight sans serif. Its extremely large x-height, and short ascenders and descenders make it a powerful headline face, ideal for magazines, posters and such, but it will work fine for body text as well. The family includes italics, tabular figures and four sets of small figures. FF Enzo is the first major typeface from Sweden’s Tobias Kvant, yet it demonstrates a great deal of understanding and skill. We expect to see more in the future from this fine young talent.


FF Max 4 OT & FF Max 4 Pro OpenType

It’s always been popular, but Morten Olsen’s FF Max is due for a major resurgence in today’s design landscape of square forms and rounded edges. The typeface is as fresh now as it was when it was released five years ago, and now it’s even more flexible thanks to two new weights at either end of the family: Extra Light and Fat.


FF Jambono OT & Pro OpenType
For the OpenType update of his vibrant packaging family, Xavier Dupré improved some outlines, added missing figure sets, and expanded its language support.

   Page Sans and Page Serif

FF Page Sans OT & Serif OT OpenType
Developed by Albert Boton for the redesign of a telephone directory, this modern family of complementary styles is now available in the functional format it deserves.


FF Clair OT OpenType
Now in OpenType.

   Dax Wide

FF Dax Wide OT & Pro OpenType
Now in OpenType.



FS Kitty OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

Kitty is a loving type — a cute headline face inspired by the iconic Japanese character. The five members of the family include two weights of outlined type, one solid, one shadow, and one multilinear style.


FS Alvar OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

Alvar is a modernist type inspired by the groundbreaking architect Alvar Aalto who said, “We should work for simple, good, undecorated things”. This typeface’s lines are as utilitarian as those found in the work of its namesake.


FS Pele OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

Pele is a champion type — a larger than life headline face inspired by the legendary football star. It comes in two grades: One, with very thin slits for the largest sizes and the most impact; and Two, with wider cuts for smaller sizes.


FS Sinclair OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

Sinclair is a technical type — a smart, switched-on headline face inspired by the inventor of the ZX Spectrum 8-bit personal computer from 1982. Despite its vintage inspiration, this typeface is entirely contemporary, suited for setting spartan text and headlines in a variety of situations.



Fonts used in title graphic: FF Enzo & FF Chambers Sans.


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