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New foundry: Canada Type — Gibson, Gala, Memoriam
New fonts from Sudtipos: Sugar Pie, Viento, Voyeur
New font from Three Islands Press: Douglass Pen
Visual Meets Virtual: Designer/Developer Meetup
New Foundry: Canada Type — Gibson, Gala, Memoriam
Canada Type

FontShop is pleased to announce the addition of Canada Type’s catalog to its offerings, available immediately. Patrick Griffin, Canada Type’s founding designer, has pursued his passion for novelty in letter design — resulting in display types of diverse classification.

Canada Type: Gibson

Gibson, an exceptional display face, also reads well at text sizes. An experiment in collaboration, marketing model, and design, Gibson results in a geometric sans with a good bit of humanism. The face’s name pays homage to John Gibson (1928-2011), celebrated Canadian designer and an originator of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, GDC. Proceeds contribute to furthering design education in Canada through programs administered by the GDC. Drawn in four weights and priced nominally with students in mind, Gibson passes on charm and versatility to the hands who use it.

Canada Type: Gala

Aldo Novarese’s work for the Nebiolo Foundry in the 1930s led to several types that were rigid and modernist, but always designed the Italian way, with the hand and human proportion in mind. One such was Neon, the model from which Canada Type’s Patrick Griffin developed the Gala family. The monolinear sans diffuses a lot of that rigidity with its gradual bends and informal unicase letterforms. Still not convinced? Take the triline out for a test drive.

Canada Type: Memoriam

In 2008, New York Times Magazine Art Director Nancy Harris Rouemy commissioned a custom script lettering job from Canada Type for the year-end issue to memorialize newsmakers who’d died that year. The use of the lettering on the issue’s purely typographic cover and in its striking interior compositions led to praise from the design community and a compelling demand for the ‘font’ from the typesetting public. In response Canada Type fleshed out and released Memoriam, a feature-rich script family in three styles and with optical sizes. A study in extremes, the face’s strokes create a lively rhythm leaping from irresistible gravity to weightlessness.

  Canada Type: Jupiter


  Canada Type: Ratio Modern

Ratio Modern

  Canada Type: Sol

Sol Pro

  Canada Type: Gaslon


  Canada Type: Jupiter


  Canada Type: Jezebel


New fonts from Sudtipos: Sugar Pie, Viento, Voyeur

Sugar Pie

By Alejandro Paul

Sugar Pie originated from trials for an italic counterpart for Candy Script. Eventually all the forms had to be modified considerably for a typeface of this style to work as both a digital font and an emulation of true hand lettering. It was called Sugar Pie for the sweet “taste” of its round-to-sharp terminals, which echo the clean brush scripts of late 60s and early 70s film-type processes. The many ligatures and alternates in this straightforward packaging typeface are just as visually effective as Candy Script’s, but with a toothsome subtlety.

Sudtipos: Sugar Pie


By Alejandro Paul, Angel Koziupa

Viento is the next stage beyond the classic Sudtipos typeface Brisa. This spontaneous, handwritten script is determined and confident. Its strokes are slender yet forceful, and its rough texture is reminiscent of Roger Excoffon’s seminal Mistral. Automated ligatures and kerning lend a hand-inscribed feel, excellent for refined, casual text.

Sudtipos: Viento


By Alejandro Paul, Angel Koziupa

Do you enjoy watching? Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul bring you Voyeur, a dramatic departure from their usual collaborations. They merged two type styles that couldn’t be more opposite into a striking hybrid, a display face that mixes bold and blocky modernism with delicate, swirling ornaments, all with an alchemist’s (or voyeur’s) attention to detail. Open the glyph palette to discover a luxurious range of variations and alternate combinations.

Sudtipos: Voyeur
New font from Three Islands Press: Douglass Pen

Douglass Pen

By Brian Willson

Frederick Douglass, born a slave in the early 19th century, is lauded for his work as an educated statesman, incisive orator, and abolitionist leader. Did you know he was also a master of resplendent penmanship? Douglass Pen is modeled after his swift, bold, handsome, condensed cursive. Over 800 glyphs — including scores of ligatures, alternative upper cases, inkblots, crossouts, and Eastern European characters — make this type a fitting tribute to the inspiringly multifaceted Douglass.

Download Douglass Pen PDF

Three Islands Press: Douglass Pen
Visual Meets Virtual: Designer/Developer Meetup
Visual Meets Virtual: Designer/Developer Meetup
Visual Meets Virtual at the Storek Building

Join FontShop at the historic Storek Building in the heart of SoMa.


Are you a developer looking to make your app or website more visually appealing? Are you a designer seeking opportunities in tech? Join FontShop and the Storek Building for Visual Meets Virtual, an informal evening aimed to connect developers and designers with one another to build beautiful projects together. Register via Eventbrite today.

We’ll have plenty of refreshments and libations for your enjoyment and a brief, informal presentation by members of the design and development communities (with a short Q&A) on how they view the two disciplines interrelating. Attendees will also be among the first to hear some exciting news from FontShop. You won’t want to miss it!

Read more about the meetup on the FontShop blog.

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