Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays! Cheery Noel! Good Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukah! We wish you all the best of the season. But we know what you’re saying, “Yeah, yeah. Where’s my gift?” It’s right here:
The FontShop 2006 Type ID Calendar.

Last year’s FontFont calendar was so popular, we’re doing another. Like before, each month presents one of our favorite typefaces. But this time, other foundries in the FontShop family are represented. For example, the Virus foundry beautifies January with the delightful Tourette, by Jonathan Barnbrook.

Now for the twist: we’ll be releasing each month one at a time. Why? It’s a great way to see what’s new at FontShop as the year progresses. But also, each month contains a clue for the typeface featured in the month to follow. Within the days of January, you’ll find a detail close-up of February’s font. Put your identification skills to the test and guess what’s coming next. Or simply admire the beauty and craft of good type design.

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Warm Wishes,
Your Friends at FontShop

Download it here:
January 2006  (92k PDF)

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