FF Megano

Classically trained French lettering artist and designer Xavier Dupré created FF Megano, a six-weight sans serif encompassing both humanistic and calligraphic shapes. The typeface, while evocative of feminine curves, offers high readability and a fun yet functional complement of stars and arrows in all weights.

FF Karo

Martin L’Allier, a recent graduate of the University of Quebec at Montreal, mixed the classic and the contemporary in designing FF Karo™. The three-variant display typeface combines the calligraphic heritage of Fraktur letterforms with the rational and optical dynamics of the grid.

FF Headz

FF Headz is the first typeface by German designer and illustrator Florian Zietz. The concept for the playful, interactive picture font is similar to the effect found in some children’s books, where pages are split into sections that can be grouped in unusual and humorous combinations. Each “complete” head in FF Headz is composed of four separate characters (upper part of the head, eyes and nose, mouth, and chin), which may be combined to create ten thousand funny faces.

FF PicLig

FF PicLig, by Berlin-based designer Christina Schultz, is a smart OpenType font that makes it possible to create symbols out of typed characters. While OpenType’s “discretionary ligatures” usually connect two or more characters to create a typographic ligature, Schultz used this feature of the technology to combine several glyphs into an icon, or picture ligature. The automatic substitution of certain character combinations allows the direct integration of icons into text, enabling users to communicate more expressively.


In an effort to offer type users increasingly useful tools, the FontFont team frequently updates existing designs. FF Kievit™ 3 adds thin, extra light, and light weights with complementary small caps and italics to a versatile, legible sans. FF DIN® has been extended with Baltic, Cyrillic, and Turkish character sets, while FF Nexus™ now features Baltic, Central European, and Turkish character sets in its Sans, Serif, Typewriter, and Mix variants.


Type designers and type users worldwide have embraced the cross-platform OpenType format, which offers advanced typographic features and extended language support. Four of the most well known FontFont designs are now available in OpenType: FF Dax®, FF DIN®, FF Meta®, and FF Scala®. Other OpenType FontFonts in this release include FF Eddie™, FF Nexus™, and the newly published designs, FF Karo™, FF Megano™, FF Headz™, and FF PicLig™.

Free Font for December: FF Meta® Pro Book

This is our most generous giveaway ever. In celebration of the new OpenType FontFonts, we’re offering a taste of the one that started it all: FF Meta. This Pro FontFont works on Macs and PCs, includes small caps, extra ligatures, alternate glyphs, and even speaks Turkish, Cyrillic, Greek, and Central European languages. All we ask is that you put it through the ringer. We’re sure you’ll come back for the full OT family of this classic.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase Meta Pro.

The FontShop team (aka Santa’s helpers) has been working on a sweet offer that will satisfy your need for type and reward you for being so good all year. There’s nothing better than licensing a long-coveted font collection – unless it’s using those typographic treasures on a shiny new PowerBook! Spend your year-end budget wisely and we’ll send you a little something to put under the tree (or on your desktop). Order select type libraries on CD before December 31, 2005, and you’ll get a brand new PowerBook, iBook, or iPod!*

Thanks to all who participated. This offer is no longer available.




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