FontShop Newsletter: December 15, 2011
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Introducing 3 FontFont Library Tiers: Premium, Collection & Free
New design: FF Ernestine Pro version with Armenian
FontFont Skill Sets: 3 sets in OT format
Extensions: FF Meta Serif, FF Quadraat, FF Quadraat Sans, FF Signa
New Office/Web versions: FF QType
More news: Web FontFont EULA change
FontFont Library Tiers

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In an effort to minimize the amount of time customers spend choosing fonts, FontShop International has split its award-winning type collection into three distinct tiers, dubbed the FontFont Library Tier system.

FontFont Library Tiers

Library Tiers

FontFont Library Tiers

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The FontFont Premium Tier houses the library’s bestselling typefaces and will showcase new releases. This tier, the largest in the new system, features the bold new designs and contemporary classics the FontFont type collection is known for. The FontFont Collection Tier is a selection of economically priced type families, including many hidden gems and surprising alternative options for the discerning designer. Finally the FontFont Free Tier is giving something back to the design community: a collection of quality typefaces free of charge.

Premium Tier FontFonts are available in three formats: OpenType, Offc, and Web.* By next summer, all fonts in this tier will feature Pro language support, including Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic in some designs. Customers have the option to license single weights or full packages from the Premium Tier. Typefaces in the Collection Tier and Free Tier contain the complete family in a single package, and are available in OpenType with Standard language support.

(*Offc and Web versions of some Premium Tier FontFonts are still in development and will be available soon.)

FF Ernestine Pro version with Armenian
FF Ernestine Pro version with Armenian

FF Ernestine was born from the search for a versatile monoline text typeface that would feel warm yet serious, feminine yet firm, charming yet sturdy. This resulted in a strong slab serif with playful ball terminals. Its rather large x-height and wide, open shapes enable it to work well down to small sizes; ligatures, stylistic and contextual alternates, a selection of arrows, and two sizes of small caps enrich its typographic palette.

Nina Stössinger first drew the Roman as a study project at the postgraduate Type Design program in Zurich, and the italic in dialogue with Hrant Papazian’s Armenian design. Both the Roman and the italic (which doubles as a harmonious companion to the Armenian component) are available in four individually drawn weights. The four corresponding Armenian weights, nicknamed “Vem” — integrated in the Roman and italic fonts in the Pro version — share the personable character of the family with proportions optimized for the Armenian script.

Special introductory price* for the packages:

FF Ernestine Pro
FF Ernestine Offc Pro
FF Ernestine Web Pro

*$89 each, valid until December 31, 2011

FontFont Skill Sets: 3 sets in OT format
Special Student Price

Send us a copy of your student ID for a significant education discount on any of these packages.


FF Skill Sets: The right fonts for all purposes

With thousands of FontFonts to choose from, the options can be as daunting as they are exciting. So let the experts do the work for you. Typography masters Erik Spiekermann and Jürgen Siebert handpicked the best FontFont families and compiled them in three Skill Sets — for advertising, editorial, and corporate design. Simply select which FontFont Skill Set best suits your practice, and you can start designing without fuss. Not only will you have all the right fonts licensed in one collection, you’ll save a bundle of cash too.


FF Advertising & Packaging

FF Advertising & Packaging

Ranging from striking display faces over idiosyncratic designs to flowing advertising scripts, these fonts guarantee your product will be noticed.

FF Advertising & Packaging PDF


FF Editorial & Publishing

FF Editorial & Publishing

From salient headlines to clear, legible body text, these personable typefaces will turn your publication into a powerful communication tool.

FF Editorial & Publishing PDF


FF Corporate & Business

FF Corporate & Business

Break away from the old, tired standard fonts with this collection of spirited yet dignified faces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

FF Corporate & Business PDF

FF Meta Serif, FF Signa, FF Quadraat, FF Quadraat Sans

FontFont extensions

After fonts are released, work continues behind the scenes at FontFont to improve and extend the usefulness of the faces with the addition of new weights and greater language support. FontFont is pleased to announce extensions to the following faces, available immediately.

  FF Meta Serif Pro  

FF Meta Serif

Pro upgrade with Cyrillic and Greek

FF Meta Serif Pro now speaks more languages with glyph support extended to cover Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. FF Meta Serif joins its sans companion, FF Meta Pro, in offering this broad range of linguistic abilities.

FF Signa
  FF Signa  

FF Signa

New weights

FF Signa continues to expand its super family with another addition. The face adds six fonts in three new weights: Extra Light, Extra Black, and Ultra, each with a companion italic. FF Signa’s Pro character set includes Cyrillic.

FF Signa
  FF Quadraat Pro & FF Quadraat Sans Pro  

FF Quadraat

Redesign, new weights, Pro upgrade with Cyrillic

Both FF Quadraat and FF Quadraat Sans get noticeably updated designs. FF Quadraat also adds a new weight, Demi Bold, to the family. Its Pro version includes support for both the Latin Extended and Cyrillic character sets.

FF Quadraat Specimen PDF

FF Signa

FF Quadraat Sans

Redesign, new weights, Pro upgrade with Cyrillic

FF Quadraat Sans and Sans Condensed now come in the additional weights Thin, Extra Light, Light, and Demi Bold. Like FF Quadraat, its Pro version now extends the character set to support a greater span of Latin-based languages, as well as Cyrillic.

FF Signa
New Office/Web versions: FF QType
FF QType

New Office/Web versions

FF QType offers its additional weights, Compressed, Condensed, Extended, and Semi Extended in new formats, Office and Web. Refresher: Office fonts are for use in programs that don’t support OpenType features. Here, “Pro” means that it also supports additional languages.

FF QType Compressed Offc/Offc Pro, Web/Web Pro
FF QType Condensed Offc/Offc Pro, Web/Web Pro
FF QType Semi Extended Offc/Offc Pro, Web/Web Pro
FF QType Extended Offc/Offc Pro, Web/Web Pro

More news: Web FontFont EULA change
EULA for Web FontFonts

Web FontFont EULA change

FontFont has updated its End User License Agreement to make it even easier to use Web FontFonts, by removing the requirement to modify a server’s .htaccess file to prevent tampering, since this isn’t always technically possible.

Coming up next: Best of 2011
Coming up next: Best of 2011

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