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Happy Holidays: Polychromatic fonts, winter activities & more
New foundry: Monokrom
New foundry: Positype
More new fonts: Meatball, Hoosier Daddy, Zigarre, Spoon
New font promotions: Engrez Sans 50% off & Poem Script 30% off
Additional promotions: Krul & Dulcinea 30% off
Happy Holidays: Polychromatic fonts, winter activities & more

We’re settling in for the holidays here at FontShop. Our tickets home are bought. The tree’s up. Our stockings hang from the radiator. We look forward to relaxing evenings wassailing with family, or reading a good book by the fire. Before taking off, we’ve gathered the last bits of this year’s type news: We have new type releases, and two new foundries join us in December.

Polychromatic fonts: Dress in layers

It’s cold out, so we’ve put together a little resource to help you keep legs, arms, ears and tails warm — by dressing your type in layers.

Polychromatic fonts

Polychromatic typefaces are sets of fonts designed to layer on top of one another. Each font is in its own coordinated color. Getting layered fonts to work just right takes a little know-how and some fussing with subtle details, so we’ll help get you started with Polychromatic Types: Dressing in Layers.

Read more about polychromatic typefaces on the FontShop Blog »


Winter activities & typefaces

Put a kettle on to boil, wax the runners on the sled, and don’t forget the type! Our type experts have chosen seven active and fun faces to accompany the winter’s activities.

Gretel: Knitting

Gretel by Fountain

Festive fonts on Pinterest

Festive fonts on Pinterest

In the run-up to the holidays we select festive fonts to inspire your seasonal greetings and other design items.

Check out festive fonts on Pinterest »

Mayan Calendar Countdown

Mayan Calendar Countdown

Type expert David Sudweeks advises, “Whatever you intend to do while you’re here on Earth, you had better do it.” On the blog we’ve been quietly counting down with a letter a day to the world’s predicted end on Dec. 21.

Mayan Calendar Countdown on the FontShop Blog »

Best of 2012 coming soon

Best Of 2012 coming soon

Our highly anticipated year-end edition featuring the Best of 2012 is on its way.

View last year’s Best Of 2011 »

Buyer's guide: How to gift a font

Buyer’s Guide: How to gift a font

Ever wonder how to buy a font for someone else? Licensing expert and one of our Buyer’s Guide authors, Theresa dela Cruz shows us how it’s done.

Read Buyer’s Guide: Buying Fonts For Others »

FontBook app for iPad & iPhone

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer: $0.99/€0,89 FontBook for iPhone & iPad

Wouldn’t it be really handy if FontBook cost 99¢ and fit in your pocket? Yes, it would. FontBook 3.0 for iPhone and iPad goes live in the App Store in the next 24 hours! Enjoy.

Learn more at »

New foundry: Monokrom

Monokrom is a small, independent type foundry based in Norway, founded by Frode Helland and Sindre Bremnes. They pride themselves on their original, high-quality, Nordic flavored designs. Their typefaces are made to last and appreciated for their attention to detail. Monokrom also offer custom type solutions and lettering, including design-specific and technical optimization for low-resolution environments.



Designed by Sindre Bremnes
Published by Monokrom


Telefon is based on the lettering on the original Norwegian phone booths, drawn by architect Georg Fredrik Fasting in the 1930s. Starting with only six letters, Sindre Bremnes slowly developed the hundreds of glyphs needed for this general-purpose sans serif. Telefon has looser spacing and less stark geometry than most geometric typefaces, making it well suited for continuous reading. No interpolation was used to create the three weights.

New foundry: Positype

We also welcome Positype, Neil Summerour’s foundry and cache of original type designs. Neil’s work is full of the nice touches and lettering-inspired quirks that make his faces memorable and decidedly his own.

Get 25% off Positype’s entire library through December »



Designed by Neil Summerour
Published by Positype


The extensively spanning Air is Neil Summerour’s synthesis of the groteques from British and German traditions. In three widths and nine weights, each weight with a separate italic and oblique, the family stands at the ready to fill every need.

More new fonts: Meatball, Hoosier Daddy, Zigarre, Spoon


Designed by Jim Parkinson
Published by Parkinson Type Design

A fun, lighthearted design in a heavy package, Jim Parkinson’s latest face draws from the hand-lettered poster titling of the classic leopard-on-the-loose film Bringing Up Baby. Meatball is well-suited to display settings in menus, ads, and of course, posters.


Hoosier Daddy

Designed by Jim Parkinson
Published by Parkinson Type Design

The large, in-charge Hoosier Daddy speaks the kind of no-nonsense declarations banners and posters are made for. The shaded, 19th-century, outlined slab revival sits loose and comfortable at display sizes.

Hoosier Daddy


Designed by Jim Rimmer
Published by Canada Type

Jim Rimmer’s original Zigarre takes its design cues from the ad lettering of 1920s and 30s Germany. Recently reworked by Canada Type, Zigarre is now available in two styles, smooth and rough.



Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Published by Flat-it Type Foundry

In seven weights from hairline to bold, Ryoichi Tsunekawa’s Spoon fits nicely into the category of well-developed rounded spurless sanses. Its normalized forms and generous spacing allow it to be set in body copy, as well as modestly sized display.

New font promotions: Engrez Sans 50% off, Poem Script 30% off

Engrez Sans

Designed by Satya Rajpurohit
Published by Indian Type Foundry

Proof that the Indian Type Family delivers more than just fantastically executed types for supporting Indic Scripts, Engrez Latin exhibits a mastery of the Roman letter, introducing contemporary features to set it apart from similar titles. The foundry offers 50% off promotional pricing on its Latin fonts Kohinoor and Engrez until January 17.

Get Engrez Sans at 50% off »
Get Kohinoor Latin at 50% off »

Engrez Sans

Poem Script

Designed by Alejandro Paul
Published by Sudtipos

Poem Script is the impeccably faithful “Italian Alphabet,” a painstakingly elaborate calligraphic style of master penmen from the 19th and 20th centuries. Get it at 30% off through Dec. 25.

Get Poem Script at 30% off »

Poem Script
Additional promotions: Krul & Dulcinea 30% off
Krul & Dulcinea 30% off

Ramiro Espinoza’s two most exciting releases of the year are 30% off through December. Perfect for posters or invitations that need just a little lift, ReType’s Krul and Dulcinea each offer a wide variety of alternates and ornamental forms.

Get ReType’s Krul at 30% off »
Get ReType’s Dulcinea at 30% off »

TYPO San Francisco: Registration opens Monday
TYPO San Francisco 2013 Contrast

Don’t miss your chance to save $100 on TYPO San Francisco tickets! Registration is open, and the ticket cost will increase on Jan. 1. Get inspired by Erik Spiekermann, Keetra Dixon, Eike (Hort) König and more!»


FS Me, exclusive to FontShop, has a fascinating story. Check The FontFeed to learn how Fontsmith designed the typeface for people with learning disabilities.

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FontShop Blog: Great Pairs

Wondering which face to pair with which? Type expert David Sudweeks shows off a new pairing each week, with a little bit of the how and why of getting the fit right.

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