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There’s no better way to end 2009 than with a brand new batch of FontFonts. This release features the beautiful and useful FF Yoga family with sans and serif partners, a pictorial companion for FF Mister K, and new Office FontFonts.


FF Mister K Dingbats

While creating the letterforms for Mister K, a typeface inspired by manuscripts of Franz Kafka, Julia Sysmäläinen was moved to sketch pictograms in the same personal, hand penned style.

Her imagination — and digital ink — ran wild, resulting in nearly 600 images including animals, plants, stars, famous buildings, faces, food, flags, arrows, and various symbols for sports, hobbies, professions, traffic, and weather.

All the pictograms are available in a single font accessible via keycode or glyph palette.

Mister K PDF Spec Sheet »


FF Yoga

In 1990, FontShop followed its launch with FF Scala, a serif typeface which paid homage to traditional serifs, but offered something refreshingly new, a text face for a new era. Twenty years later, FF Yoga takes the same big step for this generation, offering a soulful, contemporary alternative to the overused classics.

The family is a type system by Xavier Dupré conceived for newspapers and magazines thanks to its strong personality and good legibility. FF Yoga, with its sturdy serifs is a good choice for body text, but it also serves as an original headline face with its subtly chiseled counters. The face mixes the dynamic tension of angular cuts with the balanced rhythm and elegant curves of Garalde typefaces. FF Yoga Sans is a contemporary alternative to Gill Sans and a sober companion to the serif FF Yoga.

The family was made to work together, sharing the same proportions, x-height, and relative weight. The design also has much in common with Dupré’s other recent typeface, FF Masala, which could be used to deliver more informal content alongside FF Yoga.

FF Yoga OT and Pro fonts come with standard ligatures, small caps, case-sensitive forms, lining and oldstyle figures in tabular and proportional widths, and arbitrary fractions. FF Yoga Pro fonts add support for Central/Eastern European languages like Polish, Czech, Hungarian, and Turkish. The fonts are also available in Offc format for Office® users.

Yoga Info Guide FF Yoga Info Guide »
Yoga Spec Sheet FF Yoga Spec Sheet »


The FontFont library continues its conversion of antiquated PostScript fonts into the new Microsoft® Office®-savvy, corporate-compatible Office (Offc) format with five additional families.

FF Brokenscript Offc

FF Enzo Offc

FF Super Grotesk Offc

FF Typestar Offc

FF Quadraat Offc

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End of the Year
   End of the Year Special   

W1G Fontselection 01 Mix
Linotype is offering a useful mix of typefaces at an unusually low price. Each of these fonts contains World Glyph Set One (W1G) which includes nearly all Latin characters plus Greek and Cyrillic. Invest your year-end budget on a set of fonts that will pay dividends in countless multilingual projects for years to come.


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SangBleu Sans
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by Gestalten


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