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April 8, 2009

New and Notable

Reykjavik Sans

Reykjavik Sans OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive by RXC and S. Kjartansson for PsyOps


Carmen OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive by Andreu Balius for Typerepublic

FF Milo Serif

FF Milo Serif OpenType by Michael Abbink for FontFont

Ff Dingbats 2.0 Ars District

FF Dingbats 2.0 OpenType

ARS DistrictFontShop Exclusive

Capricorn FF Balance

Capricorn OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

FF Balance Pro OpenType

Fresh From the FontFeed
Screen Fonts

Screen Fonts
Our monthly review of movie poster typography. This installment includes "Coraline", "Push", "The International", and "Gomorrah".

Winners of the Worldwide Logo Design Annual

Winners of the Worldwide Logo Design Annual
Wolda is the high-profile annual graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world.

Faceout Books Documents the Design of Book Covers

FaceOut Books Documents the Design of Book Covers
Together with fellow DesignWorker and award-winning designer Jason Gabbert, Charles Brock runs the blog FaceOut Books. Brock explains their motivation behind the project.

Featured FontCases
Gill Sans Alternates

Gill Sans Alternatives
Overused typefaces can lose their impact. Here are some less common humanist sans serifs in the style of Gill Sans.

Handwriting Fonts

LCD, LED, and other Digital Displays
Fonts that emulate the modular, grid-based letters of electronic signs found in airports, train stations, sports stadiums, and on highways.

Newspaper Text Fonts

Hand-made, Hand-drawn, and Paper-cut
Celebrate the new DIY aesthetic with these typefaces that appear drawn, cut from paper, or otherwise made by hand. Personal Account Links  Pick up where you left off.

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Font used in title graphic: Logasmen.


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