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April 20, 2010

Date set in Margarita

New and Notable


Last month we brought you Alejandro Paul’s 1044-glyph Ministry Script. The swashbuckling Argentinian followed that crowd-pleaser with another superfont full of ligatures and alternates. The basis of Affair is an elegant, readable calligraphic italic. Dress it up with decorative swashes, and it becomes irresistibly ornate.

Download Affair PDF


With several accomplished text families under his PampaType banner, Alejandro Lo Celso is a serious type designer. But he also knows how to have fun. His latest release takes the Didone style to a delightful extreme. A tribute to Bodoni’s widow, Margarita is a beautiful set of four fonts in solid and highlight (Luce) versions. Scores of ligatures allow the balls and hairlines to merge seamlessly for dynamic headlines. Setting Margarita small is not recommended — not that you’d want to: these letters beg to fill the page.

Download Margarita PDF


Historically, the Victorian typeface style known as “French Clarendon” with its reversed stress (thick horizontals and slabs) was considered a novelty, taken to ornamental extremes for circus posters and other frivolities. David Jonathan Ross reined in this topsy-turvy style and made it a contemporary slab serif family, with offbeat charm and subtle wit.

Download Trilby PDF

Buratino Carmen Fiesta


Carmen FiestaFontShop Exclusive

Bumper Subway


Download Subway PDF

Propisi Comic Serif


Comic Serif FontShop Exclusive

Inspiration and Ideas
    FontCast #11: Jim Parkinson  

New FontCasts
FontShop’s video podcast series is now at Episode 11. In the last few weeks we’ve talked with type designers Crystian Cruz, Veronika Burian, and José Scaglione. The latest installment is a special two-part interview with the legendary Jim Parkinson, designer of hundreds of typefaces and publication logos, including Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and Esquire.


Best Sans Serif Packages Under 200
As we explored in Type Selection: Beyond the Look of the Letter, quality fonts can come in a wide variety of price points. You can still get a well-made family for a reasonable price. This list proves it: our favorite sans serif packages for less than 200 USD/EUR.


What the iPad is Missing (No, it’s not a Camera)
Stephen Coles says the possibilities for reviving the magazine and newspaper industries are exciting and real. Yet it’s exactly that part of media consumption, reading, that reveals what’s missing on the iPad: good typography.


Shape My Language - An Exhibition By Bruno Maag
The proprietor of one of our exclusive foundries, Dalton Maag, has produced a remarkable show of his type designs in Vienna. You’ve gotta see these photos, especially if you won’t be in Austria anytime soon.

New Website Features

You may have noticed some new icons popping up on Introducing Phase One of FontShop Badges, a visual queue of characteristics about notable typefaces. Here's a rundown:

   New Font

Pretty self-explanatory. This indicates a font that is new to FontShop, going back three months.

   New Font

This is our Bestsellers badge, tagging our most frequently purchased fonts of the past 60 days.

   New Font

Our Popular badge denotes font pages that have been most viewed during the last few weeks.

   New Font

Finally, the FontShop Exclusive badge marks the fonts you won't find at any other global reseller.


Badges appear in the upper right corner of any font listed in searches, FontLists, foundry pages, etc, and also below the font or package name on product pages. Jarno Lukkarila’s Tanger Serif is sporting a few of them:

This is just the first stage of the feature. We'll be introducing more badges soon, as well as advanced browsing and filtering options based on the characteristics that badges denote. Stay tuned!



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