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December 1, 2009 set in Catacumba

Date set in MVB Solano Gothic

New and Notable

Suomi Hand Script
Suomi Hand Script emulates real handwriting

Suomi Hand ScriptFontShop Exclusive
Finland’s Tomi Haaparanta joins FontShop with a remarkable font that simulates everyday handwriting better than any we’ve seen. It accomplishes the feat not with hi-tech OpenType magic but with hundreds of ligatures, connecting pairs and trios of letters the way most of us do when we write. Suomi Hand Script strikes a balance between legibility and authenticity, readable at nearly any size because it demonstrates the natural rhythm and contrast made by the human hand.

Test Suomi Hand Script for yourself in the custom sampler on FontShop.com »


From the Latin American foundry Tipo, comes a sturdy yet elegant text face by Pablo Cosgaya and Eduardo Tunni. Loreto gets its inspiration from the typography of the “Manuale ad Usum” (1721), printed by Jesuit missionaries who worked at the beginning of the XVIII century with communities of “Guaraní” native indians from the Northeast region of Argentina.

Solano Gothic

MVB Solano Gothic
Designed for the City of Albany, California, MVB Solano Gothic pays tribute to the 1930s–’50s era main street for which it was named. Yet it can evoke a more contemporary flavor by using the less retro forms.

Inspiration and Ideas
    Introducing FontCast  

Caught FontCast Yet?
FontShop’s new video podcast series has now reached eight episodes, exploring everything from the founding of the company to the fundamentals of kerning, to the future of fonts on the web. Join us as we talk with the most interesting figures in typography and graphic design.

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Typographic Tidbits
Three sites that lit up screens and minds in the FontShop office this month.


Font Aid IV
Designers from around the world are invited to contribute artwork for a typeface to raise relief funds for Haiti. To participate: Submit a black and white "ampersand" icon for the benefit font.


Helvetica and the NYC Subway System
Lettering expert Paul Shaw painstakingly researched the evolution of New York’s Subway signage for this fascinating tome. A great lesson in wayfinding, typography, and design history.


Cookie Cutters
Speaking of Helvetica, Beverly Hsu, a designer for PBS’s “America’s Test Kitchen”, combined her loves for design and baking to create some tasty type. Swell idea, but Helv is pretty stale. May we suggest the more flavorful FF Bau instead?

New Website Features

Bestsellers by Classification and Region
Our Bestsellers list has always been a gauge for the most successful and interesting typefaces of the last few months. Now you can break it down by classification (Sans, Serif, Script, etc.) or region (US/Canada, UK, Benelux, Australia, etc.) or both. Get a view of what’s popular in your neck of the woods, and check back often — the lists are always changing.


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