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March 24th 2009

New and Notable

FF Reminga

FF Reminga OpenType a FontFont by Xavier Dupré

FP Dancer

FP Dancer OpenType from FontPartners typeface by Morten Olsen FontShop Exclusive

Fresco Leitura

Fresco OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

Leitura OpenType

Effra FF Tisa

Effra OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive

FF Tisa OpenType

Fresh From the FontFeed
FF DIN Microsite

New Microsite for FF DIN
Learn how Albert-Jan Pool’s insanely popular type family began life in a taxi cab. is the third "FontFont Focus" website, joining sites for FF Meta Serif and FF Trixie.

FontFeed Tutorial: Engraved Type

Tutorial: Festive Engraved Type
A step-by-step guide to creating delicate shadow lines and shaded engraved type. Features FF Danubia Script.

Plantin In Use: Monocle

In Use: Plantin for Monocle
Elegant and minimal, Monocle stands out on the newsstand for its spare type palette consisting of Helvetica and Plantin, an old favorite that is coming back in vogue again.

Featured FontLists
Trade Gothic Alternatives

Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives
Less common faces in the Anglo-American gothic genre. Many offer more weights, styles, and alternate glyphs than the old standbys.

Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting Fonts
Our best fonts for emulating the natural look of a handheld pen, from cursive to print, antique to contemporary.

Newspaper Text Fonts

Newspaper Text
All the type that’s fit to print. We collected all the classic serifs that grace traditional papers, then added a list of contemporary alternatives for modern-day news.

Website Feature
Browsing History

Browsing History
Ever scoured FontShop looking for that font you saw on a visit to the site a few days ago but whose name you forgot? Never again. Our newest feature keeps track of each font, product, or FontList you view (up to 250 items for logged-in users). Browsing History, along with the new Favorites feature we announced last month, remembers your most important stuff so you don’t have to. Personal Account Links  Pick up where you left off.

Favorites Icon

Your Favorites
Fonts you saved for later with a click of the star

Browsing History Icon

Your History
A handy list of every font page you visited

Cart Icon

Your Shopping Cart
Items in your cart stay until you check out or delete ’em


Font used in title graphic: Freight Big.


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