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April 20, 2010

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New and Notable

There are thousands of script fonts out there. We could stock our shelves sky high with anything that has an alphabet, but we believe it’s more useful to filter the mediocre from the great. We bring you only the finest fonts available, scripts with sure strokes and a natural flow, work from master scriptographers like Charles Borges de Oliveira and Alejandro Paul. And now, thanks to exclusive FontShop packs, you can get their greatest hits all at once and save money while you’re at it.

Borges Collection
Save 13%

Borges Special Collection FontShop Exclusive
With his background in sign painting and lettering, Charles makes fonts with the same care that he put into every sign and logo. Using his type invokes the personal touch of a handheld brush or pen. Now, with this new collection, you can add the top 5 Borges fonts to your arsenal in one affordable package.

Contemporary Collection
Save 13%

Contemporary Scripts FontShop Exclusive
We took the most legible, modern families from the Sudtipos library and put them in a single package that can serve a variety of needs. You won’t find these 8 fonts anywhere else for a price this low.

Packaging Collection
Save 31%

Packaging Scripts OT FontShop Exclusive
Angel Koziupa is Argentina’s premier lettering artist. Specializing in brush and pen work for wine labels and food brands, his style evokes the comfort and tradition of a homecooked meal, no matter where the table is set. We rounded up the most successful of Koziupa’s scripts for this economical bundle that can deliver an appropriate style for a variety of package design needs.

Retro Collection
Save 18%

Retro Scripts FontShop Exclusive
This package contains the most popular Sudtipos scripts with a vintage flair. From the swanky Mrs Blackfort and Miss Le Gatees of the Bluemlein Collection to the over 1500 combined glyphs of Buffet and Ministry Scripts, there is something here for every era or occasion. And the savings give designers even more to celebrate.

Patterns 101

We’re proud to welcome the image type of Kapitza to FontShop. Geometric is their largest most extensive package, a set of 101 fonts filled with every graphic shape imaginable. The fonts allow you to create patterns in any software application (from word processing to graphics). Use standard font features like size, leading, and letter spacing to tweak and tune pattern designs effortlessly.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park
52 illustrations of people engaged in a wide range of activities, from playing children and skating teenagers to dog-walkers and folks lounging in the grass. The common theme is activities that take place in a park — in London’s Victoria Park, to be precise.

We Love Nature

We Love Nature
52 high quality, hand drawn flower-and-stem illustrations. With clean outlines and a minimum of vector points, these shapes can be used at any size, opening up a beautiful world of possibilities from iconography to image masking.

Fresh From the FontFeed
Extra Bold, Ultra Black Fonts

Extra Bold, Ultra Black Fonts
In an effort to get noticed, a lot of folks turn to the most obvious item in their font menu: Impact™. But no matter how loud it looks, a typeface can only shout so many times before it loses its voice. Here is a huge list of alternatives.

>Lectures by Martin Majoor Now Up for Viewing

Lectures by Martin Majoor Now Up for Viewing
Learn from the man himself all about how he started in type design, his influences, his successful type families (FF Scala, FF Seria, FF Nexus), his custom Telefont families, and much more.

Glowing Letters

Tutorial: Glowing Letters
Yves Peters shows you step-by-step how to make type glow using Illustrator and Photoshop.

New Website Features
Posters Wayfinding/Signage
Signage/Wayfinding Website

Gallery Categories
Since we launched the FontShop Gallery at the beginning of the year it has blossomed to over 2,500 images showcasing real fonts at work in the real world. Now that we’ve reached this critical mass of imagery, there is something from nearly every design discipline and medium. To help you browse this trove of typography we’ve added categories to the Latest Gallery Submissions page. Now you can be inspired by work in the area of design that interests you most. Enjoy, and don’t forget to submit your own images!



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