THE LATEST ADDITIONS to the FontShop collection have received high praise from the community's toughest critics, including type designers themselves. Get the same acclaim for your own work: spec great new type for great new design.

Maple from Process Type Foundry

“Other type designers have mined the 19th century English grotesque, but Eric Olson gives it an energetic crispness which makes earlier attempts seem a bit stuffy.”
— Mark Simonson, Typographica's Favorite Fonts of 2005

Lisboa and Lisboa Sans from Fountain

“Lisboa achieves a simple Iberian warmth, something especially difficult in a sans. In the severely over-crowded field of humanist sans-serifs, Lisboa distinguishes itself through completeness and technical sophistication.” — Hrant Papazian

Bryant 2 from Process Type Foundry

Completely re-drawn and expanded. Compressed, Condensed and Pro versions with italics added. “A rounded typeface that steers clear of the corniness in other soft sans. The alternates allow you to shift the voice of the face.” — Yves Peters

Incognito from Fountain

“Incognito looks ‘authentic’ by staying very true to its source material. Designer Gábor Kóthay understands that scripts on antique maps are captivating and endearing because of the irregularity in their character shapes, as well as the energy and unrestrained joy in the swashes and ligatures.” — Yves Peters

Proxima Nova from Mark Simonson Studio

“Generous x-height, thoughtfully balanced color, and expert typographic features (small caps, text figures, lining figures, etc.) position Proxima Nova as a prime candidate for extended textual setting.” — Kyle Hildebrant

Free Font of the Month: Proxima Nova Light

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase Proxima Nova.




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