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Here at FontShop we take a break once in a while from promoting typefaces and focus on making something purely entertaining — something to kickstart creativity. Over the past few months we've concocted just such a thing: FontStruct.


Created by the designer/engineer Rob Meek, FontStruct is a free font-building tool that lets you quickly and easily create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes. You arrange the shapes, called “bricks”, in a grid pattern, just like tiles in a mosaic.


Baffled? The technology behind the FontStructor is sophisticated, but using it is really quite simple. The best way to get to know FontStruct is to dig right in and start building, but you can also visit the FAQ page or watch the introductory screencast.

FontStruct was quietly opened to the public last month and there are already thousands of users sharing hundreds of public FontStructions. Below are a few of our favorites, spelling out first impressions from some early adopters. Join in and get FontStructing!


Erik Spiekermann, Type Designer, FontShop Founder
Featured FontStruction: Tech by Erik Spiekermann


John Baichtal, Wired
Featured FontStruction: Tight by wolkfrim

slabstruct too

Björn Rohles, Media Studies Student
Featured FontStruction: SlabStruct Too by Paul Hunt

letra libre

Jeff Mehlhoff, Designer, Thought & Theory
Featured FontStruction: Letra Libre by Nate Cox


Stephen Phung, Web Developer, Vancouver
Featured FontStruction: Masphalt by David DeSandro

in the que

Jon Hicks, Designer, Hicks Design
Featured FontStruction: In the Queue by Zara Evens

glagol rock

David Diggle, designer, Some of Us
Featured FontStruction: Glagol Rock by Anton Terekhov


Martin Brinkmann, gHacks Technology News
Featured FontStruction: Plump by Nate Cox


Matt McIerney, Student
Featured FontStruction: Asgard by William Leverette


cargoweasel, Brooklyn, NY
Featured FontStruction: BlocParty by garphynk



Typeface used in title graphic: Structurosa by Paul Hunt.
Supporting typeface: FF Unit.


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