Meet the New FontFonts (Release 36)

  FF Maiola  
FF Maiola™

FF Maiola was born as part of Veronika Burian’s MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading. Although a contemporary typeface, it retains strong links to historical models by implementing old-style features and calligraphic forms. Sources of inspiration include Czech type designers Oldrich Menhart and Vojtech Preissig, whose works display both vigor and elegance. Still, the intention was not to follow their path, but to define a personal interpretation. Maiola bears its idiosyncrasies with care and imparts the concepts of irregularity and angularity in a beautifully discrete way.

OpenType® technology adeptly combines typographic features such as small caps, lining and old-style figures, both tabular and proportional, ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive variants, and fractions. In addition to the regular Latin character set, Maiola Pro includes Central European, Cyrillic and Monotonic Greek characters.

In 2004 FF Maiola received the “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” award from the Type Director’s Club (TDC).

  FF Meta Headline  
FF Meta® Headline

Erik Spiekermann’s best-known face is without doubt FF Meta, whose lively shapes give it a distinctive character — often too much so for headlines. Enter FF Meta Headline. Under the direction of Spiekermann and Christian Schwartz, Joshua Darden created three widths (normal, condensed, compressed) with four weights each. There are several alternate characters for tight setting: an ‘a’ and ‘l’ without tails and a simple ‘g’. A few arrows and dingbats are also included.

  FF Absara Sans  
FF Absara™ Sans

The renaissance period was the inspiration for this companion to FF Absara. It includes a wide palette of weights, and strikes a healthy balance between old and new, resulting in a handsome and legible face for many uses.

  FF Oxide  
FF Oxide™

Named for the chemical composition of rust, FF Oxide has an unvarnished industrial aesthetic. In 1999, designer Christian Schwartz was asked to draw a stencil typeface for a Pittsburgh-based clothing label. He found his inspiration at a hardware store down the street, purchasing a set of 1.5" stencils with a bare minimum number of “breaks” in the characters, making for an unusually subtle stencil effect.

  FF Daxline  
FF Daxline™

The aim with this variation of Reichel’s mega-popular FF Dax was to balance the contrast so that it works well in long texts with small point sizes. FF Daxline is much wider than its predecessor, and the capitals are larger. There is even a lighter version than Light: Thin. Each of the 14 weights contains all Eastern European accented characters, including small caps, Cyrillic, superiors, inferiors, fractions and several special characters.

  FF Signa Serif  
FF Signa™ Serif

In designing an addition to his FF Signa™ family Ole Søndergaard was inspired by neoclassical faces like Bodoni and Didot. FF Signa Serif, however, has a contemporary stringent expression all its own. The aim was to maintain the open and wide quality of FF Signa. The serifs are sharp, and the inner and outer contours combine to form tight, harmonious shapes.

  FF Schulschrift OT  
FF Schulschrift™ OT

Though it has its roots in German culture, Just van Rossum’s FF Schulschrift has also become very popular throughout the rest of the world, not only because of its fresh and child-like appearance, but also because of its charming variations with ledger-lines that evoke a grade-school “classroom” feeling. This OpenType update adds contextual alternates, making the font an even more authentic rendering of elementary school handwriting.

  FREE FONT - FF Oxide Solid Light  
Free Font – FF Oxide Solid LIght

Employ the industrial power of FF Oxide without paying a penny — Solid Light is free for a limited time. So download away, we’re confident you’ll be back for the rest the family.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase FF Oxide Solid LIght.


Fonts used in header: FF Maiola and FF Absara Sans

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