New Fonts for July
Alejandro Paul’s Rolling Pen, based on rounded, circular, roll-flowing calligraphy from the late 19th century, is an experimental take on the same source as his Business Penmanship. This interpretation looks friendlier, more legible, and more practical than the standard business penmanship of those days, and it’s easy to execute. As with any Sudtipos script this OpenType font comes with a multitude of ligatures, alternates, swashes, and so on. Discover Underlight, Tomás García visual poetry created with Rolling Script.
Rolling Pen
This contemporary blackletter/hybrid typeface in Plain and Underlight variants had its genesis in a logo sketch for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team. Far more legible than most Old English or Gothic Script styles, the design feels traditional yet at the same time fresh and unexpected. Stylistic alternates change the appearance from plain to fancy, and dozens of ligatures, alternates, and lowercase swashes give the text a truly customized look.
Dark Angel

Vianova Sans


Vianova Serif


Vianova Slab

Terra Ignota draws from the hand of 17th century cartographer Nicolas Sanson. With a dark, inky texture, the face remains legible at small sizes due to its open letter shapes and generous spacing. It includes a full set of small caps, Central European characters, OpenType-accessible ligatures, and a small set of cartographic symbols useful for maps and custom stops.
Terra Ignota
What is it about a well-made map that’s so enchanting
and perplexing? Certainly the typographer sees there’s interesting type or lettering at work, symbols and a legend. There’s more though—a completeness in the composition, with enough depth of detail to show that
the mapmaker knew the bends in the river, the ridges along the ocean floor. When we got our first glimpse of the above Terra Ignota, remembered our love for maps cartographic faces. Here are a few favorites.
Trio Grotesk
  Kursivschrift   Venus  
Novel Sans Rounded Sale
DSType Sale Garvis ProQuant TextFour Seasons


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