New Collections for Summer 2005  

Exhibition: FiFFteen + FUSE FUSE

FUSE:Security Winner
“The Birth of a Nation”
François Moissette

Winners of this year’s FUSE:Security competition are scheduled to be on display during TypeCon2005 in New York City, July 16–18. The FiFFteen exhibition, celebrating 15 years of the FontFont type library and FUSE, will also make its US debut at the conference.

Free Font of the Month
Maxime Shadow

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase Maxime.

Nathan Williams of Baseline Fonts generously offers up his new Maxime — an OpenType font of 1,000 characters that recalls lettering styles of the early 20th century.

Sample MVB Magnesium
Sample MVB Verdigris
Sample MVB Fantabular Sans
Sample MVB Emmascript

MVB Fonts was launched by type designer Mark van Bronkhorst in 1991. His small, talented team includes Gayle Sato, Holly Goldsmith, Alan Greene, and Akemi and Kanna Aoki. Van Bronkhorst is also an acclaimed designer, having served as art director for various brands and magazines such as U&lc and FontShop’s own font. Type critic John Berry called Van Bronkhorst “a typographer in the best sense: someone who is intimately concerned with both the form and the content of whatever he is designing, as well as the intersection of the two.”

MVB Magnesium represents a rare achievement: a bold, high contrast sans with contemporary appeal. It’s great for strong headlines of sophistication rather than homely bulk.

Van Bronkhorst’s primary objective in designing MVB Verdigris was to create a legible text face in the Garamond tradition with good typographic 'color' or density. It succeeds. Verdigris is sturdy and appealing — the ultimate workhorse serif.

With MVB Fantabular, Akemi Aoki proves that monospaced fonts don’t have to be forced or bland. It comes in sans and serif flavors.

MVB Emmascript captures the mark of a pen in the hand of a speedy note-taker — right down to the ink spread. It remains surprisingly readable, despite the authentic reproduction.

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Sample Klavika
Sample Locator
Sample FIG

The Process Type Foundry is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, just off historic Printer's Row. Principal designer Eric Olson was named by PRINT magazine as one of the “New Visual Artists” for 2004. His fresh type hits the spot for designers seeking something contemporary, but with a twist.

Olsen created Klavika with identity programs and editorial design in mind. It represents the best of the recent design trend towards clean, straight-sided sans serifs. Emphasis was given to alternate numeral styles and typographic details like small caps and ligatures.

Originally proposed as a custom typeface for the Design Institute at the University of Minnesota, Locator is now a complete family of 12 fonts.

FIG is a set of three typefaces (sans, serif, and script) in the spirit of early email and ASCII art explorations.

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Wiescher Design was founded by Gert Wiescher of Germany. He studied graphic design at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. After artistic detours through Paris, South Africa, and Barcelona, he returned to Munich to work as an art director for such clients as Paulaner, Phillip Morris, and Peugeot. Wiescher also helped to introduce IKEA to the German market. In recent years his interest in type design has increased, resulting in a number of unique fonts influenced by historical and calligraphic models.

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Fonts used in header: MVB Verdigris and FIG.


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