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It’s another big day of new type at FontShop. Besides several brand new additions to the shop — like Modern Suite, Gigant, and Verveine — we also present classics revived with new styles (Lexia Advertising) and additional language support (Univers Pro).

New Fonts
Modern Suite

Modern SuiteOpenType

Celebrating the new typography of the 1830s, Nick Shinn has readdressed the history of sans and serif, questioning the convention that modernism in type is predicated on twentieth century art. The suite is two typefaces: Scotch Modern, a serif style popular in the Victorian era; and Figgins Sans, a grotesque/geometric design based on the earliest sans serifs.

Both faces share the same proportions and impressive character sets (including Greek and Cyrillic) making Modern Suite a truly integrated type system.

Download the Modern Suite Specimen PDF »
See the type in depth and read more about the theory behind the work.


LexiaOpenType FontShop Exclusive

Most slab serifs (Lubalin Graph, Memphis, Rockwell) come from a geometric or grotesque tradition. Conversely, Lexia is a contemporary font family with open character shapes hinting at a humanist design structure. There are no superfluous design details — every curve, every line is carefully considered and contributes to an aesthetic and functional whole. Offering six weights, each with italics, Lexia is an ideal family for modern corporate communication.

Update: Now with extra bold Advertising weight for headlines.

Univers Pro

Univers ProOpenType

Adrian Frutiger᾿s masterpiece is now available in a Pro version with support for Turkish, Baltic, and Central European languages.



A rigidly geometric typeface with a name that lives up to its size. The family weighs in at nearly 100 fonts: four widths with six weights each, plus an alternate style with descending glyphs and other variations.


Inspired by the chancery italic of the 16th century, Alizé’s syncopations in axes and subtle irregularities form a lively and delicate weave.


Hearken back to an era when packages were tins, labels were hand-lettered, and scripts leaned left.


There are many handwriting fonts, but few are so readable, and very few are packed Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets.

   P22 Festiva

P22 FestivaOpenType
Evoke 1960s pop and TV culture with a lively latin style that dances on the baseline.



Fonts used in title graphic: Modern Suite


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