It's Raining Fonts

WE'VE BEEN BUSY here at the 'Shop, hammering away at some major improvements to the browsing and shopping experience. We'll announce those goodies soon, but in the meantime, the brand new type keeps coming. This month, Fontpartners debuts on, along with a flood of fonts from ShinnType, Emtype, and Device.

Destructive Device

Battery Park


Roadkill Complete

Wormwood Gothic


The latest batch of fonts from Rian Hughes’ Device® label is a mess — in a good way. Taking thoughtful inspiration from the gritty aesthetic of urban environments, Hughes proves that the grunge era isn’t over. Celebrate beautiful imperfection with rough and worn letters lifted from asphalt, paint stencils, old wood type, and manhole covers.



Nick Shinn is always experimenting with ways to improve the life of the type user. His latest innovation is a typeface designed to be outlined. Employing the intelligent contextual alternates of OpenType®, Softmachine insures even spacing when outlined, and its round contour prevents the sharp, unsightly artifacts commonly associated with adding strokes to regular typefaces.

Witness the magic: Download the 8-page Softmachine PDF (420KB)


FP PalinaA FontShop Exclusive

FP StageA FontShop Exclusive

FP HeadA FontShop Exclusive

FP ElsinoreA FontShop Exclusive

Denmark’s design legends Ole Søndergaard and Morten Olsen are responsible for three of the most successful FontFonts®: FF Signa™, FF Max™, and FF Olsen™. Now they have formed a new partnership to produce more great type infused with their signature Danish flavor. FontShop is proud to be the exclusive reseller of the Fontpartners® collection.

Relato Family
TDC2 Winner

A few months ago, we released the critically-acclaimed Relato Serif, from Emtype. Now it has a companion. Relato Sans is more austere than its Serif brother, but shares his proportions and versatile usability. The two work beautifully together, adding another family to the short list of sans/serif pairs we can highly recommend. If that’s not enough to convince you to try this family on your next project, take it from the esteemed judges of the Type Directors Club who awarded Relato Sans in last year’s TDC2 competition.

FP Silly Version 1 is an undulating little number based on the same model as Fontpartners’ geometric stencil FP Palina. For a limited time, you can make your own waves for free.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase FP Palina.



Main font used in title graphic: Softmachine™ .
Fonts used in raindrops: Roadkill Complete™, Softmachine™, Chase™, Relato Sans, Relato Serif, FP Silly Ver. 1™ .


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