Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase GreenbriarSE.

Brian Sooy of Altered Ego offers a complimentary weight of his upcoming Greenbriar — a font that takes its inspiration from blackletter forms, distilled to their essence. Bonus: this is FontShop’s first freebie in the OpenType® format! Experience the ease of a single file for both Mac and Windows systems.


FUSE Competition: Security

The 15-year-old institution of experimental design is back with a new competition. Your work could be in the next FUSE website and book.

See the brief for details.

FiFFteen Exhibition:
New York

This summer, the retrospective exhibition FiFFteen – 15 years of type for independent minds will be shown at in NYC in conjuction with TypeCon2005. Details will follow.

Meanwhile, read more about the show and see photos from its run in Manchester and London.

New Foundry: P22

Richard Kegler is an art lover. He and his historical experts at P22 are famous for transforming the trademark writing of masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Dard Hunter, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Edward Hopper into handsome fonts. Their faithful digitizations make for great display typography. For proof, just stop by a variety of coffee shop chains who have found scripts like Cézanne ideal for adding warmth and personality to their locations worldwide.

New Foundry: Holland Fonts

Max Kisman is a globetrotter. His foundry may be named after his homeland, but Max has lived all over the world. The influences of his travels are apparent in his type, from the distinct East Indian flavor of Mata Hari to the Euro-techno Chip and tribal Bfrika. Max's playful character is also palpable in many of his fonts — see Bebedot, Mundenge Rock, and Quickstep.

New Foundry: Baseline

Nathan Williams is a printmaker. You can smell the ink of the letterpress in his designs. Old hot metal text fonts like Grit Primer and Slab American join hardy wood types such as 57 Rodeo, Country Fang, and Chitchy in recalling an era where the printing was wrought by hand and the prints were one-of-a-kind.



Fonts used in header: P22 DeStijl Regular and Bfrika Two Tone.


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