THE WEB HAS COME A LONG WAY from the days of blinking text and pages with everything aligned center. Web designers are employing new methods to present information in the clearest, most readable way, while still flaunting some style. Last week in The FontFeed we took a look at the latest trends in the logotypes of the new web. Now let’s move beyond the logo and explore some page design motifs and typefaces that suit them well.

Ulissa Rounded

Corners are Cruel. The flavor of today’s web is soft and sweet. Onliine brands are using faces like VAG™ Rounded (AKA VAG Rundschrift), Helvetica® Rounded, and Arial™ Rounded to help their products feel approachable and easy to use. It works. Complex web apps and services seem more human without harsh corners and solemn type. We like the old rounded standards mentioned above, but here are a few hidden gems that feel just as warm and cozy: Ulissa™ Rounded, Bryant™, FF Cocon™, Ketchupa™ & Mustardo™, FF Strada™ and FF Speak.

Neo Sans and Neo Tech

Face the Future. In contrast to the softies, some sites embrace the sterility of the high-tech world with geometric, minimalistic typefaces that say “computer.” Intel® and Technorati® found Neo Sans™ and Neo Tech™ to be perfect conduits for this aesthetic. We also recommend Digital Sans™, Gravel™, Regulator™, Stratum™, and the work of Fabrizio Schiavi.

FF Meta Headline

Call on the Clean Classics. Regardless of the current trends, there are typefaces that never go stale. FF Meta® is one of these — and the recent launch of headline and ultralight styles breathe new life into the Erik Spiekermann masterpiece. Other classics that look great on screen include Avenir™, FF Dax®, Interstate™, FF DIN®, and the Thesis Series (TheSans®, TheSerif®, and TheMix®).

Fresco Light

Go Big. Oversized type is huge right now. Get on board this bandwagon without getting lost in the crowd by using fonts that are underused. Fresco™, Arepo™, Big Caslon™, Dalliance™, Farnham™ Display, The Florentine Set™, PTL Maurea™, and Nicholas™ are all undiscovered display faces designed to work beautifully at large sizes.

Did you guess the font hinted at in the March calendar? It was Fairfield™. See it in all its glory: download April now.

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FF Megano for Free

Xavier Dupré’s FF Megano™ manages to be aggressive and sweet at the same time.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase FF Megano.



Fonts used in header: Agency™ and VAG™ Rundschrift.


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