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Entertain and embellish with the typefaces of IHOF, Comicraft, and Norwegian Fonts. We are known for workhorse text and corporate typefaces, but these new collections offer something slightly different from standard fare, proving that FontShop is your source for decorative and novelty typefaces, too.



International House of Fonts (IHOF), a division of P22, is a type boutique that showcases distinctive type designs and designers from around the world. The IHOF collection embodies a sensitivity towards historical lettering while introducing unique and contemporary typefaces.

P22 Imperial Script

P22 Imperial Script

A large x-height makes Rob Leuschke’s formal script unusually readable at any size.

   P22 Pooper

P22 Pooper
A contemporary brush script, ideal for packaging and branding.

   P22 shibumi

P22 Shibumi
Calligraphy maestro Michael Clark brings us a lively face inspired by “Eastern” brush strokes.

P22 corinthia

P22 Corinthia

No one crafts elegant, contemporary scripts like Mr. Leuschke.

P22 Bifur

P22 Bifur

Though he is best known for Peignot, A. M. Cassandre’s first typeface was Bifur, designed in two parts — two colors for each glyph. Rich Kegler’s digitization includes six fonts with layerable sets of wide lines, fine lines, and solid overlays. He took it a step further and added a lowercase that complements Cassandre's initials surprisingly well.

P22 Dearest

P22 Dearest

Christina Torre brings to life the handwritten pages of a 19th century German book.

   P22 Killkenny

P22 Killkenny OpenType
Nearly 1000 glyphs of Victorian ornamentation.

   P22 Peanuti

P22 Peanut OpenType
A face full of bounce and playfulness with plentiful alternates.

P22 Operina

P22 Operina OpenType

The 16th century calligrapher, Ludovico degli Arrighi, is revered as one of the finest calligraphers ever. James Grieshaber’s exhaustive OpenType font features three variations of Arrighi's script that can be used interchangeably. Cyrillic too!

P22 Zaner

P22 Zaner OpenType

With over 3000 glyphs, P22 Zaner is one of the most expansive script fonts available. It is also unique in its style, capturing the beautiful stroke contrast of penman Charles Paxton Zaner.



Comicraft was founded by Richard Starkings and John Roshell, pioneers of digital lettering for the comic book industry. Today, Comicraft’s fonts are widely accepted as the industry standard, used by Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and NBC. See why J. J. Abrams, creator of “Alias” and “Lost” called their fonts “the most intense, emotional, and dramatic you can find”.

   CC Spills

Spills OpenType
Stylishly handsome, devilishly clever, Spills has a forties flair.

   CC Destroyer

Destroyer OpenType
Handcrafted by headbangin’ John Roshell from the pages of the comic KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS.

   CC Battle

BattlePack OpenType
Ace lettering artist Ferran Delgado from Spain teamed up with Roshell for an attack on cover lettering styles of yore.

   CC Digital Delivery

DigitalDelivery OpenType
From Scott McCloud’s mouth to your mouse, the official font family of his fascinating book on comic book history, “Reinventing Comics”.

   CC MonsterMash

MonsterMash OpenType
Relive the horror comics and movie posters of yesteryear. More in the MonsterFonts pack.

   CC GooseBumps

Goosebumps OpenType
A typeface that’ll send shivers down your spine. Get it in standard scary (Regular) or ghost white (Outline).

   CC Golem

Golem OpenType
For magickal incantations and Tolkien tales. More of this style in FantasyPack No. 1 and No. 2.

   CC Near Myth

NearMyth OpenType
The Norse Gods of Asgard and the Titans of Olympus have spoken! Enchanted? Visit Stonehenge too.

CC Dutch Courage

DutchCourage OpenType

Developed by Comicraft’s Dutch Masters to give DC’s BATMAN & ROBIN ADVENTURES a crisp, clean, art deco look.

CC Matinee

MatineeIdol OpenType

Now showing at your local picture house is the latest romantic comedy coupling featuring MatineeIdol and MatineeIdol Bold; famous faces you’ve come to know and love in features like Warners’ “Hush” and Columbia’s “The Evil That Men Do”.

   CC Mild Mannered

MildMannered OpenType
Classic speech bubble lettering comes to life in this three-weight font family with alternates for every capital letter.

   CC Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud OpenType
Comic historian Scott McCloud commissioned Comicraft to make this highly readable typeface for his book “Making Comics”.

   CC Wiccan

Wiccan OpenType
A hand sketched family in sans and serif, created for the book “Spawn: Blood & Shadows”.

   CC ZZZap

ZZZap OpenType
No typeface does a better job of emulating electricity than this shocker. Regular and shadowed.



From our FontShop neighbors in the North (FS Norway) comes an exclusive library of typefaces inspired by a range of sources from historical lettering to traffic signs. These are Norwegian Fonts.



Torbjørn Eng’s blackletter inspired face is the stuff of medieval monasteries and fairy tale storybooks.

Jacobs Web

Jacob's Web

A massive 42-font pixel family with soft variants and handy iconography by Jacob Øvergaard.



Generously open and gently rounded, Magnus Holder Bjørk’s Daco brings to mind architectural lettering of the 1920s and ’30s



Fonts used in title graphic: BattlePack, P22 Zaner.


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