March 8, 2011
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Exclusive Offer: get 40% off Fakt and Tiina from OurType
New Book: Explorations in Typography: Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting (Carolina de Bartolo with Erik Spiekermann)
New Fonts: Filo Pro, profonts Bureau, and more
OurType offer
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Thomas Thiemich’s Fakt is a highly functional sans serif that revisits two archetypal sans serifs: Miedinger and Hoffmann’s Neue Haas Grotesk/Helvetica (the 1950s) and Renner’s Futura (the 1920s). Fakt combines the best of both the grotesk and the geometric sans serif traditions.

Stylistic alternates offer a “toggle” between the two styles. Subtle letter-form changes alter Fakt’s mood. The resulting dual design is well balanced and refined. The feature-rich OpenType family comes in three widths and ten weights — down to the ethereal “Air” — all with matching italics. Fakt’s subtle modernity makes it an exquisite choice for posters, magazines, art catalogues, digital applications, and new corporate environments.

Use promo code OURTYPE40 during checkout to get 40% off any Tiina package or single. Offer ends March 31, 2011.

Tiina by Valentin Brustaux is a text typeface in the purest sense of the word. Conceived to discretely serve the content, Tiina is coherent, contemporary and all-purpose, infusing tradition with a modern yet warm voice that gets attention but does not distract.

Although its letter forms evoke the broad-nibbed pen, Tiina is not a calligraphic design, but rather a pragmatic reinterpretation. In large type sizes, its slightly waving strokes are dynamic. Its relatively low contrast creates an even, clear, strong text image in reading sizes, and Tiina will not shimmer in smaller sizes. The feature-rich OpenType family consists of Roman and italic designs in five weights. Tiina is the perfect choice for text that wants to be read, not merely impress.

Explorations in Typography
Explorations In Typography

Explorations in Typography: Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting (A Visual Textbook for Intermediate to Advanced Typography) is a vast collection of beautiful typesetting examples by Carolina de Bartolo. A brief article by Erik Spiekermann has been set in hundreds of different typefaces, creating an extended visual taxonomy of typesetting that allows you to “learn by looking.” With complete type specifications on every page and many examples set in faces from the FontFont library, the aggregate effect is an ersatz type catalog that’s also an extensive resource of typesetting ideas for students and professionals.

Its oversize format (9.25 x 12 inches) allows all typesetting to be shown at full size, with easy-to-see exact point sizes, leading, tracking and other details of proportion, spacing and alignment that distinguish fine typesetting. Sidebars explain the key visual features that make each setting work and provide historical and background information.

Read more and buy the book at

Explorations in Typography
New fonts

Filo Pro

from URW

Filo Pro is a highly legible, contemporary interpretation of the humanist serif. Its serifs are not too dominant, its character shapes soft and organic. Thanks to its large x-height and low contrast, the typeface performs equally well in text sizes and display use. The OpenType Pro family comes with an extended Latin character set, including small caps, a large number of ligatures, and several sets of figures.

  Filo Pro

profonts Bureau

from URW

profonts Bureau is a modern looking, very legible typeface for business correspondence, memos, faxes, etc. It is a technical-looking, straight-sided sans serif with blunt corners, reminiscent of FF DIN and ITC Conduit. This compact OpenType Pro family comes in the four basic styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold italic) and covers extended Latin and Cyrillic.

  profonts Bureau

René Menue

from URW

René Breil came up with the idea to combine his hobby — cooking — with his profession as a graphic designer. Browsing through cookbooks and culinary magazines, he noticed a lack of dedicated symbols and icons for recipes. He decided to create René Menue Symbol, a collection of 99 contemporary kitchen icons representing classical cooking paraphernalia. The spurless sans serif René Menue, a modern, slightly condensed and economic design with round shapes, is the perfect typographic complement for the symbol font.

  René Menue

Jackalope LP

from LetterPerfect Fonts

Jackalope is a new original script font from LetterPerfect Fonts. The design is drawn from samples of Kathy Schinhofen’s pressure pen calligraphy. Its tight curls and rough edge texture demonstrate well the whimsy of correspondence engrossed in its own decoration. Jackalope includes a full set of small capitals, both lining and old-style figures, and swash terminal characters.


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