March 24, 2011
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Updated Family: ARS Maquette updated with new italics and more
New Foundry: Newlyn
New Fonts: Engel New Sans and Serif, Malaussène Translation, and more
New at Facebook integration
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ARS Maquette Pro updated
ARS Maquette

This Helvetica alternative from ARS Type Foundry is somewhere between Standard and Gotham, idiosyncratically flavored with a generous width, a large x-height, clear numerals, and a distinctive lowercase ‘a’. Initially ARS Maquette was intended as a display face, but with its well balanced lowercase and five weights it’s equally effective for text setting. The upgraded OpenType version is even more versatile, with two more italics per weight (a conventional oblique and a flowing true italic), a unicase stylistic set, and myriad symbols and special characters.

Newlyn logo

The star of Miles Newlyn, world-renowned typographer and designer, ascended during the grunge period in the early 90s. He gained notoriety with Democratica and Missionary, striking designs released through Emigre. Newlyn’s reputation was cemented thanks to a set of six typefaces he designed for graphic design icon David Carson, for exclusive use in the legendary music magazine Ray Gun.

Newlyn’s ideas translate beautifully to corporate branding. After years working with London agencies — and Wolff Olins in particular — he developed a style termed ‘white occult,’ a blend of meta-organic forms and hi-tech typography. Newlyn continues to expand his own vision and help corporate clients worldwide broaden their audiences.


Miles Newlyn has teamed up with Francesca Bolognini, type design’s rising humanist, to create Frank, a new typeface available in five weights, with true italics and Cyrillic. Newlyn responded to the business sector’s communication needs by designing this conscientious font family to convey order and competence. For finance, technology, healthcare and communications, Frank gets our frankest recommendation.


Modena, the versatile family with a clean graphic presence, has been 10 years in the making. Its proportions are slightly condensed, and its vertical dynamic is balanced by the unique horizontal forms of its counters. The family of five weights and italics communicates confidence and authority in a rational, readable way that makes just the right impact in healthcare, finance, transport and culture.

New fonts
Engel Sans  

Engel New Sans

by Gestalten

More than a mere upgrade of Gestalten’s bestseller, Engel New Sans is an entirely new family. Sofie Beier got carried away as she extended and freshened up the original Engel for its conversion to OpenType. Her attentive revisions yielded softer, rounder letters and a more harmonious overall look.

Engel Serif  

Engel New Serif

by Gestalten

Engel New Serif is the serif companion to Engel New Sans. Sofie Beier revisited the original Engel and drew a new slab serif. This perfectly balanced revision adds a freshly cultivated youthful appeal to Engel’s original seriousness.

Malaussène Translation  

Malaussène Translation

by Gestalten

Parisian talent Laure Afchain’s first type design is influenced by Dutch typographer Gerrit Noordzij and coined after the character in La Saga Malaussène. Startlingly sophisticated, this face elucidates what it means to be French: a little classy, a little sassy, and totally refined.

MVB Embarcadero  


by MVB Fonts

MVB Embarcadero melds grotesque sans serifs with the vernacular signage lettering drawn by engineers. This style — so credible, forthright and unpretentious, it’s more like anti-style — can deliver any kind of message while staying out of its own way. It raises the bar on versatility.

Novel Sans  

Novel Sans

by Büro Dunst

Novel Sans is the sans serif companion for Christoph Dunst’s award-winning calligraphic serif face Novel. Primarily created for use in editorial design, the humanist sans is also perfect for corporate typography. Key features are the elegant, fluid character shapes, and very narrow, almost upright italics.


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