3 New Foundries


FontShop doesn’t carry just any font collection that passes by our desk. Our inventory is selected by experts for technical fidelity and design quality. Fortunately, there is no shortage of talent in the field today. The three new foundries below are testament to that fact.

First, we’re proud to be the exclusive distributor of the brand new Bold Monday library, a collaboration between two talented Dutchmen, Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen. Next, Moretype makes its debut with multipurpose contemporary families by Chris Dickinson in the UK. You can find them only at FontShop. Finally, Nick Cooke’s G-Type collection is one we’ve had our eye on for quite some time. After creating fonts for other publishers, Cooke went on to create his own foundry of original and usable typefaces.

New Designs


Flex OpenType FontShop Exclusive

Designer Paul van der Laan worked for four years to develop a multi-purpose typeface family that works in a variety of contexts. Flex can be classified as a humanist sans serif, sharing proportions and structure with typefaces from the Renaissance period. This gives it an open and warm appearance. On the other hand it has a low contrast, and is devoid of ornamentation and unnecessary details. Each shape in Flex is “down to earth”, drawn in the most logical way possible. These two aspects combined make Flex a friendly, no-nonsense typeface family.

As a full-featured text face, Flex offers typographic refinements like multiple weights, figure styles, and small caps.


Feisar, Feisar Express OpenType FontShop Exclusive

Feisar strikes a balance between two worlds. From a superficial point of view it’s a modern display typeface, but at closer inspection the construction and spacing reveal the influences of traditional type design. This makes Feisar instantly recognisable, but still very readable at smaller sizes as well.

Feisar Express could be called a “retro-futuristic inline script”. But it would be better to say that it is the outcome of an experiment to explore what can be done with current font technology. The family comes in two different inline styles and each inline style comes in three different variants for up, down and alternating connections (called Uptown, Downtown and Crosstown). To make these connections possible, Feisar Express contains multiple versions for each letter and therefore one font contains more than 1000 glyphs.

The Uptown variant connects all the letters at the top of the x-height and the Downtown variant does that in a similar vein at the bottom of the x-height. But the Crosstown variant is the real heart-stopper as it always tries to connect the letters in such a way that the connections alternate between the top and the bottom. This is achieved through some clever OpenType programming.


Pinup OpenType FontShop Exclusive

A soft, plumb, lovable headliner with broad support for languages from Western to Eastern Europe. Don’t miss the set of stylistic alternates for a different look.


Capibara OpenTypeFontShop Exclusive
A strictly right-angled family with small caps, multiple figure sets, and extensive language support. Monospaced version also available.


Stanley OpenType
FontShop Exclusive
Three display fonts based on heavy wood type. Includes alternate glyphs, fancy ligatures, and support for Greek and Cyrillic.

   Pixel Package

Pixel Package OpenType FontShop Exclusive
More than just pixel fonts, this is a techno variety pack that packs a punch from dotted grids to static corrosion.


Panno, Panno Rounded OpenType FontShop Exclusive
Created for signage. The Panno fonts have special weights designed for white-on-black (Positive) or black-on-white (Negative) settings.


Alwyn New

Alwyn New OpenType FontShop Exclusive

Previously available in legacy formats, Alwyn has been a top choice for those seeking an ultra-modern sans serif with just enough quirks to set it apart, but not so much that its clarity is obscured. This new revision, available exclusively at FontShop, is redrawn and redeveloped in OpenType with a full complement of small caps, ligatures, and figures (lining, oldstyle, tabular, and proportional). The new family also offers extended support for Eastern European languages.

Mic 32

Mic 32 New OpenType FontShop Exclusive

Previously available from T-26, this new revision is redrawn and redeveloped in OpenType with a full complement of small caps, ligatures, and figures (lining, oldstyle, tabular, and proportional). The new family also offers extended support for Eastern European languages.

   Faricy New

Faricy New OpenType FontShop Exclusive

   Hedley New

Hedley New OpenType FontShop Exclusive

New Designs


Houschka, Alternate, Rounded OpenType

Most recently starring in the poster for Jim Carrey’s latest flick “Yes Man”, Houschka is Nick Cooke’s most popular family to date. Straddling the border between a geometric and grotesque sans, the design is marked by its unique curved apexes on the ‘A’ and ‘W’. More conventional alternates are available, and the OpenType flavored Rounded version comes with three sets of additional alternates, plus CE and Cyrillic support.



A twelve-weight family designed with functionality, legibility and elegance in mind. With its soft finish and tailed terminals, Chevin tames the harsh industrial nature of its inspiration: DIN. Its open counters and slightly condensed style make Chevin suitable for text or corporate identities, and signage in particular.


Olicana OpenType

A triumph of artistry and attention to detail, Olicana is one of the most sophisticated typographic emulations of flourished handwriting. It is full of contextual alternates, ligatures, and swashes for variety and a smooth, natural flow.


Precious Sans & Serif

In Cooke’s ongoing quest for simplicity and elegance he developed this striking alternative sans family. Starting with a hairline Thin and finishing with Ultra Black, Precious Sans has a comprehensive range of weights, fairly large x-height and open counters for maximum clarity when set in small point sizes. The Serif is a true companion to the Sans, sharing its weight, proportions, and x-height for mixing within a block of text.



Inspired by a piece of cigarette pack lettering by the great A. M. Cassandre, Cooke designed the rest of the characters as an experiment. Geetype evokes the jauntiness and ebullience of the 1920s & early ’30s.

   Accent Graphic

Accent Graphic
A rare high contrast sans serif and worthy alternative to Optima.


A highly original serif family with an ornamental Display variant to boot.






An elegantly proportioned, crisply modern sans serif with true italics and two sets of figures (lining and old-style numerals). Its distinctive character and extra light option hints at its usefulness for display and logo work, but Nubian also has an open, slightly extended appearance for excellent readability in text settings.


Morpeth OpenType
Hardworking and space-saving, Morpeth was originally designed for a civic wayfinding system and thus eminently usable for signage purposes. The six-weight OpenType family includes discretionary ligatures, a more casual alternate ‘a’, small caps, a full complement of numerals, and Central European, Baltic and Turkish character sets.



Fonts used in title graphic: Chevin


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