New Foundry, PSY/OPS

PSY/OPS® is one of the type world’s best-kept secrets. For over ten years, the studio has produced innovative fonts from their secluded office in downtown San Francisco. They are known only by the most alert and discerning designers. And those that know them, adore them. We do too. FontShop is pleased to be the first reseller to bring the complete PSY/OPS library to an international audience.

Why Psychological Operations? Founder Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos explains: “Type is a powerful behavior modification tool — transparent to the consumer, transcendent to the designer who knows how to use it.”

Oxtail™ A FontShop Exclusive
Stefan Hattenbach’s Oxtail has its roots in the “Egyptian” type style which became popular in the beginning of the 19th century. The familiar slab serif form is personalized with the addition of flowing tails and unexpected lettershapes like the scriptish italic ‘s’.

Sophisto™ A FontShop Exclusive
Sophisto is a painstaking collaboration between Hattenbach and PSY/OPS founder RXC. In search for a sans serif with a strong character but still humble enough to be functional for most uses, Sophisto was born. It grew into an extensive family of 21 fonts, made to work well in both text and display settings. Corresponding buttons, images, and patterns make Sophisto a complete type system.

Aquamarine™ A FontShop Exclusive
Take a trip back in time to handmade metal type with Aquamarine. This set of titling serifs, decorated caps, and ornaments is one of Gábor Kóthay’s more ambitious journeys into historical type design. Swash alternates and graceful ligatures abound.

Armchair Modern™ A FontShop Exclusive
“Growing up in Iceland, I was exposed to Scandinavian modernism from an early age. My parents had Arne Jacobsen furniture around the house,” says designer Stefan Kjartansson. “Like furniture — type needs to be appealing to the eye, and simple; with a solid foundation, clean lines, and balance.” Armchair Modern is derived from Kjartansson’s logo created for Armchair Media Group. The design is unabashedly ultra modern, reminiscent of work by Mark Newson and the aforementioned Jacobsen. Armchair Media is a consulting company, working with clients from the Web and interactive TV, so the super-elliptical lettershapes are also intended to evoke a traditional TV screen or CRT display. Kjartansson’s typeface “offers domestic sanctuary; the promise of a bright and friendly future by way of a nostalgic past.”.

Philomela™ A FontShop Exclusive
Philomela by Swedish designer Lars Bergquist is an original Renaissance-style text face intended to re-capture the “lead feeling” which is lost in most digital revivals. The family has been designed in three micro-weights, allowing for improved control of image density, and thus readability, on different media types and at different point sizes. A delicate titling face, and engraved initials are also part of the system.

Reykjavik Sans™ A FontShop Exclusive
Stefan Kjartansson says his Reykjavik was conceived “from my need to evolve fonts that I was (over)using at the time: Bell Gothic™, FF Meta®, etc. It was my first attempt to create a functional font system. Once it got into the very capable hands of PSY/OPS’s Rod Xavier, he brought in a heavy doze of his aesthetic.” Reykjavik comes in two versions, masculine and feminine. Mr. and Ms. Reykjavik.

Anglia Script™ A FontShop Exclusive
Gábor Kóthay’s elegant Anglia Script is an intense exploration of traditional calligraphy. Two versions of the typeface (Standard and Concise) come in a regular and an antiqued or pen drawn (Olde) finish. Alternate swashes, ligatures, and flourishes round out a very complete script family ideal for formal occasions.

Transfer™ A FontShop Exclusive
At seven weights from ultra thin to extra heavy, Transfer is Parisian Julien Janiszewski’s most complete sans serif family. The square, rigid forms and massive x-height exemplify modern design.

Caligrafía de Bula™
Caligrafía de Bula comes from Portugal’s Mario Feliciano, who began plumbing the typographic depths in the early 1990s, while designing for several magazines. During his initial rounds of experimentation he became progressively captivated by the historical aspects of typography.

Get a taste of the gentle curves and sensible functionality of Faceplate Sans by Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos. The lightest weight is free for a limited time.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase Faceplate Sans.



Fonts used in title graphic: Armchair Modern™ & Sophisto™.


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