FontShop Newsletter: May 9, 2012
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New designs: FF Tisa Sans, FF Scuba with free OT Regular & Web Regular, FF Chartwell
New Offc/Web versions: FF Legato, FF Seria, FF Max & more
New OpenType Pro versions: FF Meta Headline Pro, FF Strada Pro & more
Extensions: FF Meta Serif Light & Extra Bold
FF Tisa Sans, FF Scuba plus free OT Regular & Web, FF Chartwell

New for May — FontFont releases three great, new highly anticipated designs: FF Tisa’s fresh and friendly sans companion, FF Tisa Sans; the clean and flexible FF Scuba; and the miraculously easy to use FF Chartwell. All these and many newly available formats and expansions of familiar faces are ready on now.

Tisa Makes Sans FF Tisa Sans

With the addition of its sans counterpart, the popular slab serif FF Tisa joins the growing collection of sans/serif superfamilies. Both are excellent choices for branding projects and complex editorial applications. The original FF Tisa’s sturdy, friendly forms, which perform in print and shine onscreen, are FontFont-library favorites. FF Tisa Sans matches FF Tisa perfectly in all important details. Its character set contains the same range of glyphs, and designer Mitja Miklavčič included a range of specially designed arrows to guide your way in signage and information design projects.

FF Tisa Sans: feature 1

FF Tisa Sans’s italics have FF Tisa’s same weight, structure, and refined “bell-bottom” construction, but without its top-half serifs.

FF Tisa Sans: feature 2

The sans version’s color density was fine-tuned to perfectly match FF Tisa’s original grey value. The proportions of the small caps, the x-height as well as the lengths of ascenders and descenders, were harmonized as well.

FF Tisa Sans: feature 3

Subtle variations in slant lend the eye-catching italics their friendly and dynamic appearance.

FF Tisa Sans: feature 4

FF Tisa Sans features slightly reduced ink traps (left). Necessary system elements have been fine-tuned to one another, including the proportions of the letterforms and their distinctive bulging stroke endings (right).

FF Scuba FF Scuba

FF Scuba

Designed by Felix Braden


Designer Felix Braden searched for an offline companion to Verdana and didn’t find the exact tone he was looking for. So he developed FF Scuba. It’s a legible, contemporary sans, a bit tighter and more condensed than Verdana, with a frank, friendly character. In small sizes FF Scuba blends well with Verdana. In display sizes it rings fresh and original. It combines constructed letters — like an almost rectangular o — with dynamic strokes that refer to handwriting, lending a lively touch to the font’s truly technical roots.

For a limited time, FF Scuba Regular OT and Web are available for free download. Try the web version with Subsetter.

Download Download FF Scuba OT Regular
Download Download FF Scuba Web Regular

FF Chartwell

Creating graphs within design applications was inherently frustrating until designer Travis Kochel got a hold of that problem, recognizing OpenType technology an opportunity to simplify the process. His solution, FF Chartwell, uses OpenType features and automatically transforms simple strings of numbers into charts. The data remains in a text box, allowing for easy updates and styling.

Using the letters A-F, you can define the grid for Rose, Rings, and Radar. Use Bars Vertical to create sparklines and other bar graphs, and use Lines to create charts. Try layering them to create more complex diagrams.

The Ministry of Type’s Aegir Hallmundur put Chartwell on the Our Favorite Typefaces list of 2011.

High on our list: The FF Chartwell User Manual. Read more about FF Chartwell here and watch the How To Use FF Chartwell screencast.

New Offc/Web versions: FF Legato, FF Seria, FF Strada & more
New Offc/Web Versions

Even more of FontFont’s catalog is available now to use on the web! Find FF Quadraat Display, FF Strada, FF Legato and more among FontShop’s newly expanded web offerings. All these faces also come in Offc versions, fonts tuned to work best in programs like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

  FF Strada Offc/Web

FF Strada Offc/Web

  FF Transit Offc/Web

FF Transit Offc/Web

  FF Schulbuch Offc/Web

FF Schulbuch Offc/Web

  FF Legato Offc/Web

FF Legato Offc/Web

  FF Max Offc/Web

FF Max Offc/Web

  FF Seria Offc/Web

FF Seria Offc/Web

See all of our new webfont offerings.

See all of our new
webfont offerings.

New OpenType Pro versions: FF Meta Headline Pro, FF Quadraat Display Pro & more
New OpenType Pro versions
New OT Pro Versions

OpenType Pro FontFonts have extended language support and are easy to use, enabling typographers to set text in a broad range of languages, with the best fitting contextual punctuation and ligatures. All Pro FontFonts include Extended Latin or Central European characters. Some support additional scripts such as Cyrillic and Greek. Peruse each Pro FontFont’s glyph set online to verify that it covers your needs.

Extensions: FF Meta Serif Light & Extra Bold, plus new language support
FF Meta Serif

The initial design of FF Meta Serif developed over the course of a year, between September 2006 and July 2007 as an answer to the question, “Which serif face should I pair with Meta?”

FF Meta Serif Light & Extra Bold

It was versatile to begin with, but now that type designer Erik Spiekermann (with an impressive list of collaborators) has expanded this robust text family, adding a Light and Extra Bold, each with a companion italic, it’s meta-versatile. The Pro version includes support for Central European, Greek and Cyrillic. Read more about the making of FF Meta Serif on Unzipped.

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