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New Foundry: Tipografies
New Foundry: Urtext Music Fonts
New Fonts: Program, Blak & Blok, Abdo Line Arabic
Stylizing digital sheet music: Music Fonts
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New Foundry: Tipografies

Jordi Embodas is a Barcelona-based graphic designer and type designer. For the past 12 years he has been working at Estudi Juste Calduch. Since 2010 he’s been teaching typography at ELISAVA, the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Jordi founded Tipografies (“typefaces” in Catalan) in 2010 to show and promote his typefaces. He began designing fonts as a hobby in 2008, and now specializes in creating complete, useful, durable type families, mainly for text. Over recent years Jordi’s work in the typography field has been recognized in Spain.


Bulo & Trola

Designed by Jordi Embodas
Published by Tipografies


Bulo (“hoax” in Catalan) is a straightforward sans serif for editorial use. The character shapes combine neo-grotesque sturdiness with a hint of humanist elegance, especially in the lowercase and the italics. Slightly condensed proportions with very short ascenders and descenders and a reduced capital height save space both horizontally and vertically. Bulo has enough presence and character for headlines, while still being comfortable and transparent in text sizes. The serif cousin Trola (“lie” in Valencian) shares its skeleton with Bulo, yet has a completely different flavor. Its unusual proportions help you fit larger text in tight spaces. It can also be used for setting compact headlines with a moderate contrast.



Designed by Jordi Embodas
Published by Tipografies


The classic-looking serif text family Pona is a liberal interpretation of some of the best-known serif fonts, including Times, Georgia, Goudy, and Garamond. Its delicate letter forms possess a generous x-height and moderate contrast, making it perform well in small sizes or at low resolution. Text set in Pona has an even grey value and a warm, crunchy texture. The slightly idiosyncratic typeface reads smoothly and comfortably.

New Foundry: Urtext Music Fonts
Urtext Music Fonts

Urtext is Stephen Carisse, creating a series of music-specific typefaces to work in composition programs such as Avid’s Sibelius. The series spans an impressive range of periods and styles, carefully achieving the proper weight and distinctive look of the traditionally hand-engraved medium.

Urtext Music Fonts

Urtext Music Fonts & Adobe Garamond Pro


Set the sounds in a fitting visual style with the Renaissance Abdelazer, the late neoclassical Brumaire, the romantic Clementi, Arts & Crafts Goldilind, or the weighty but contemporary Kapellmeister or Kapellmeister II. If you prefer to manually set your music, the fonts work as expected in InDesign or Illustrator. Urtext’s forthcoming release is a set of companion text and titling faces for setting scores in a unified typographic palette.



New Fonts: Program, Blak & Blok, Abdo Line


Designed by Zuzana Licko
Published by Emigre

Program mixes different structures, stem endings, and weight distributions not usually employed in a single family of fonts. It features both rounded edges evoking the effects of reproduction, and ink traps, the technique used to counteract that effect. Program and Program Narrow diverge most notably in the design of the a, c, e and s in both lowercase and capitals. In Program, the vertical terminals of these curved characters open up the counter spaces and increase legibility, contributing to its fitness as a text font. In Program Narrow those curved terminals bend into themselves, accentuating the verticality of the letters. The effect also creates more compact letter shapes, making it a suitable headline font.


Blak & Blok

Designed by Íñigo Jerez
Published by Type–Ø–Tones

The squarish display sans Blok and its heavier sister Blak belong to the type series designed by Íñigo Jerez for the defunct magazine Suite. Strictly straight lines are interrupted by triangular cuts and tense curves, which result in forceful character shapes reminiscent of 1970s jazz record sleeves and science-fiction posters. These chubby typefaces now enjoy a second life in the Type–Ø–Tones collection.

Webfonts Available


Abdo Line

Designed by Abdulsamie Rajab Salem
Published by Abdo Fonts

Abdo Line is an elegant text face in a simple Naskh style, designed for books and magazines. The characters were discriminately drawn for clarity and ease of reading, with slender proportions to save space. The fully-featured OpenType font supports Arabic, Persian and Urdu.

Stylizing Digital Sheet Music

Plantin Std paired with Opus Std in Sibelius for the default piano score template


For composers, songwriters, and those who dabble in transcribing music for fun, digitized sheet music is often found with its default fonts intact. If you feel like breaking away from font pairs like Times New Roman and Opus Std, it’s quite easy to change font settings in music notation software like Sibelius™ to stylize your sheet music.


With the addition of Urtext Music Fonts type foundry, we’re happy to give composers and arrangers options to make music look better.

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