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New FontFonts: Release 50


Today’s news includes something you might expect from a FontFont release: two very versatile, highly original new designs, FF Masala and FF Mach. But we’re also introducing something quite unusual, even for the foundry that is known for breaking ground: a new FontFont format. Office FontFonts will bring to every font user the power and ease-of-use that Standard and Pro FontFonts bring to professional designers. More on that later. First, the new families.

This just in: FontFonts are now available for use on the web via Typekit. Read more about the announcement.

New FontFonts

Masala In-Use

Image created with photography by Michael Pieracci & imagery from LiveSurface®

FF Masala Preview

FF Masala & FF Masala Pro

FontFont star Xavier Dupré began work on Masala with the intent to create a sans companion for his popular FF Tartine Script. After rethinking and refining, Masala grew into its own type system of three sans weights and their italics, with an accompanying swashy brush script. The family is just right for logos and packaging as well as informal texts or children’s book covers. Despite its laid-back nature, FF Masala has as much typographic prowess as any serious sans serif. Ligatures, fractions, case-sensitive forms, and a full set of figure styles are included.

Available in Standard OpenType, or a Pro version with extended language support for Central Europe and Turkey.

Masala Script In-Use
FF Masala Script Preview

FF Masala Script & FF Masala Script Pro

A worthy second-act to Dupré’s FF Tartine Script, Masala Script has a bit more contrast in its strokes and a little more swing in its step. Available in Standard OpenType, or a Pro version with extended language support for Central Europe and Turkey.

Mach In-Use
FF Mach Preview

FF Mach

The very first sketches of FF Mach were drawn by Lukasz Dziedzic in 2004 for a Polish magazine about culture and arts. Rigid and technical, there isn’t a single curve in the family of six weights and 3 widths, but there are hundreds of inventive alternates and ligatures for setting tight, interconnected wordshapes.

Available in Standard OpenType, or a Pro version with Central European, Turkish, and Cyrillic character sets.

DIN Condensed Italic In-Use

Image created with template from LiveSurface®

FF DIN Condensed Italic Preview

FF DIN Condensed Italic

FF DIN, the most popular FontFont yet, finally has a Condensed Italic. More than a simple oblique, this is an optically-adjusted italic matching all five weights of FF DIN Condensed. It fits nicely into Albert-Jan Pool’s finely crafted version of the DIN model.

The most economical and convenient way to get the complete FF DIN family, including the new Condensed Italic is via the FF DIN OT Collection or the FF DIN Pro Collection which adds Central European, Cyrillic, and Greek character sets.

FF Office Header

Office FontFonts

Designers rely on OpenType FontFonts for their typographic features and operability with professional apps like Adobe CS® and QuarkXpress®. But software like Microsoft® Office® isn’t capable of accessing all the features and glyphs of these CFF (PostScript-flavored) OpenType fonts. The font lab at FSI is answering the call with new TTF (TrueType-flavored) OpenType fonts.

Office FontFonts (Offc) are based on Unicode and contained within a single font file. The fonts are style-linked, grouped under a single item in the font menu. Tabular figures, which are more common in the office environment, are the default figure set. Small caps with oldstyle figures are available as separate fonts.

Office FontFonts are compatible with nearly every kind of software. If it can handle a .ttf, it can handle an Offc. Now everyone can benefit from the cross-platform, ease-of-use OpenType provides.

Style Linking

Office FontFonts are style-linked for compatiblity with Microsoft® Office®. Use the key commands and toolbars you’re familiar with to switch to bold, italic, or bold italic.

FF Office Examples

Office FontFonts are fully compatible with apps like Excel®, Word®, and PowerPoint®.


Office FontFonts Available Now
The following FontFonts are available in Office versions, with more to follow soon. Get them in a Basic Set (Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) or as single fonts with their italic companion when available. Just like other OpenType FontFonts companions Offc fonts cover 40 Western languages such as English, French, and Spanish. Offc Pro fonts also extend support to many other Latin-based languages (Czech, Turkish, Latvian). And many Offc Pro fonts also contain Greek and/or Cyrillic.

  • FF Celeste Offc, SC
  • FF Celeste Sans Offc, SC
  • FF Cocon Offc, Condensed, Extra Condensed
  • FF Dagny Offc, SC
  • FF Dax Offc, Condensed, SC, Wide, Compact
  • FF DIN Offc, Condensed
  • FF Duper Offc
  • FF Folk Offc
  • FF Mach Offc, Condensed, Wide

See the complete list with samples »

  • FF Market Offc
  • FF Masala Offc
  • FF Meta Offc, Condensed, SC
  • FF Meta Serif Offc, SC
  • FF Providence Offc
  • FF Speak Offc
  • FF Tisa Offc, SC
  • FF Trixie Offc

Try an Office FontFont for free. Download FF Celeste Sans Offc Black Set »

Upgrades and Extensions

FF Celeste

FF Celeste Pro 1, Celeste Pro 2, Celeste Sans Pro 1, Celeste Sans Pro 2, Celeste Small Text Pro
Now Latin Extended, Greek and Cyrillic in FF Celeste Pro.
Latin Extended in FF Celeste Sans and Small Text.


Now with Cyrillic.

Folk and Folk Rough

FF Folk OT
Now in OpenType.


FF Prater OT
Now in OpenType with easy access to alternate glyphs for variation.


FF Providence Pro & FF Providence Sans Pro
Now with Latin Extended and Greek in FF Providence.
Latin Extended in FF Providence Sans.


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Fonts used in title graphic: FF Masala & FF Masala Script.


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