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Freight Big and Display

Joshua Darden’s type system now has everything a designer needs to build a cohesive identity program or dynamic publication design: a sans, a serif, a face for small text, and these two striking serif families for large type. Use Freight Display for most headlines, and Freight Big, with its extra high contrast, for the grandest texts.




Luc(as) de Groot is well known for his Thesis superfamily, one of our bestsellers. Taz III marks a slightly friendlier, more casual departure for de Groot, but, like Thesis, Taz III doesn’t skimp on the options — over 15 weights are available, including what might be the thinnest hairline font in existence. Taz III is our first LucasFont in OpenType format. Every weight includes all four figure styles (text and lining numerals in proportional and tabular widths) and an alternate lowercase 'a'.



P22 Declaration

The U.S. Declaration of Independence was more than historically significant, it was beautiful. The document is written in a graceful script with a blackletter for emphasis and the venerable title. P22 masterfully digitized the two styles, and each of the famous signatures for this all-inclusive OpenType font.



Matrix II

A subtle, but welcome evolution of Zuzana Licko’s landmark wedge serif. Along with improvements to many of the letterforms, this version includes a new, refined italic, and fill fonts for adding color effects to the Inline style.




Jumping straight from the titles of a classic film, Mark Simonson’s OpenType script is meticulously crafted with contextual alternates to keep it as natural as its hand-lettered source.



Lettering from the 1940s Superman cartoon series inspired this playful brush number.



Artist and entrepreneur Phil Martin created scores of new looks on old classic typefaces. Grad, a novel interpretation of Century, was one of the few that never made it out of the photocompositor into the digital world. Martin delivered the original film fonts to Mark Simonson for this careful digitization.




Step right up! Watch a single typeface conjure visions of 19th-century traveling sideshows and Nordic ornamentation at the same time!



Emtype’s Relato Sans is the best of a fresh new breed of humanist sans serifs. Witness Eduardo Manso’s technical and artistic skill for yourself with this complimentary sampling of the complete OpenType family.

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase Relato Sans.



Fonts used in title graphic: Matrix II and Taz.


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