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TYPO news: TYPO comes to San Francisco
New TypeTogether font: Abril
New fonts from Baseline Fonts: Sketchwriter, Dusty Circus
More new fonts: Burgues Script, P22 Mackinac, Novel Mono
Free Erler Dingbats: The World’s First Complete Unicode Dingbats Font
TYPO news: TYPO comes to San Francisco
TYPO San Francisco: Connect

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San Francisco


TYPO San Francisco will take place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) April 5-6, 2012. The theme is Connect.

We connect with the world every day. Good design makes this fun and easy; bad design ruins the experience. Being over-connected can be fulfilling or overwhelming. Disconnecting can be a relief or isolating. And all of this is changing constantly with technology. TYPO San Francisco Connect brings together incredible speakers from both European and American design communities to share their work and insights on what it means to connect.

The two-day conference will feature creative, inspiring speakers across multiple industries in the Novellus Theater at YBCA. Erik Spiekermann and Kali Nikitas will facilitate in the main hall. The event will also feature typographic workshops and screenings.

Registration will open Dec. 1, 2011, with discounted tickets through Dec. 31. Regularly priced tickets will be available Jan. 1 through Feb. 28. Late registration is from March 1 up until the conference.

In the spirit of TYPO Berlin, a limited number of student tickets will be available at a reduced rate.

More information is forthcoming at In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

New TypeTogether font: Abril
TypeTogether: Abril

Conceived for editorial use, both print and digital, Abril is a font family of two worlds.

The titling weights are a contemporary re-imagining of classic Didone styles, neutral yet confident on the page, with typographic niceties — borders, ornaments, special dingbats, alternate letters and numbers — that offer designers a technicolor palette of expression.

The text weights are inspired by 19th-century slab serifs and Scotch Roman types. The letter forms of Abril Text, engineered from scratch, harmonize so perfectly with headline styles you might be surprised to learn they achieve the perfect text color and economy of space in the most challenging environments for continuous reading, newspapers for example.

Abril PDF

New fonts from Baseline: Sketchwriter, Dusty Circus

Sketchwriter OT

Designed by Nathan Williams
Published by Baseline Fonts

Sketchwriter™ is a fun hand-drawn typeface designed with many uses in mind. At small point sizes, it looks like a slightly grungy text face. The larger the display size, the more textured and interesting the scribbled glyphs become.

Baseline Fonts: Sketchwriter

Dusty Circus

Designed by Nathan Williams
Published by Baseline Fonts

Dusty Circus™ is a five-layer stacking display face designed to be infinitely morphed. All five variants have identical metrics to ensure the layers match up perfectly. The family lends itself perfectly to experimentation. Omit layers, and add multiple copies of other layers to produce 3D bevels or inline styles with flair and substance on the fly, or offset layers. Whether you need a vintage Western feel or a modern aesthetic, this daredevil font is a multi-talented ringleader.

Baseline Fonts: Dusty Circus
More new fonts: Burgues Script, P22 Mackinac, Novel Mono

Burgues Script OT

Designed by Alejandro Paul
Published by Sudtipos

Burgues Script is an ode to American calligrapher Louis Madarasz, whose signature writing style has inspired schools of penmanship since the late-19th-century. Some call him “the most skillful penman the world has ever known.” Alejandro Paul skillfully adapted the historic sources, creating numerous ligatures and swashes, and full flourished sets of letters for use at the beginnings or endings of words and sentences. The feature-rich OpenType fonts allow the user to effortlessly produce attractive and sophisticated digital calligraphy.

Burgues Script PDF

Sudtipos: Burgues Script

P22 Mackinac Pro Family

Designed by Mike Beens
Published by IHOF

Mackinac is an American Venetian, informed by the work of Renaissance punch cutters Nicolas Jenson and Francesco Griffo and American revivalist type designer Frederic Goudy. Interest in Venetian letters resurged in mid-19th-century Britain with the Arts & Crafts movement, which later spread to North America. Mackinac comes complete for text work with small caps, ranging figures, and an extended Latin character set.

P22 Mackinac Pro Family PDF

IHOF: P22 Mackinac Pro Family

Novel Mono Pro Complete

Designed by Christoph Dunst
Published by Büro Dunst

Christoph Dunst adds to his popular Novel/Novel Sans Family with the complete, monospaced Novel Mono, the variant most compatible with the rest of the family. Boasting six weights, each with italics, a full set of old-style and lining figures, and small caps, the face works in nearly any situation a monospace job may require.

Büro Dunst: Novel Mono Pro Complete
Free Erler Dingbats: The World's First Complete Unicode Dingbats Font
Erler Dingbats

Erler Dingbats: The World's First Complete Unicode Dingbats Font Erler Dingbats is an updated symbol collection available from FontFont now, for free. The set maintains contemporary aesthetics and a cohesive graphic style, and adheres to current Unicode dingbat mappings. Its symbols and decorative glyphs follow the character layout of the original Zapf Dingbats by Hermann Zapf, published by ITC in 1978.

Learn more about Erler Dingbats and download the free font at

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