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Dwiggins Specimen The Exquisite WAD of
American Typography

William Addison Dwiggins (affectionately known in the FontShop office as “WAD”) is one of the preeminent American type designers. He began in the early 1900s as an advertising and book cover designer and coined the term “graphic artist.” Later, his 27 years of work for Mergenthaler-Linotype produced some of the most popular types of the 20th century. Many of these are available as faithful renditions in digital Linotype font form.

Dwiggins’ first family was Metro, a geometric sans inspired by Futura, but softened by some distinctly American humanist curves. Metro was designed to be highly readable at tiny sizes, making it ideal for catalogs, maps, data sheets, and “the small print.” Its pointed caps also make for solid, stately headlines and titles.

Electra was a text face designed in 1935, but its forms were so original and ahead of their time it’s seen a resurgence in recent years. Electra is an excellent type for long passages such as in books, magazines, or poetry. Its economic design allows for a lot of text in a small space, without sacrificing elegance.

Caledonia originally appeared under the name Cornelia with the Mergenthaler typesetting machine factory in Berlin. This typeface is a remodeling of the workhorse Scotch Roman family. The neotransitional Caledonia has serene, vertical forms, unflexed serifs, and a transitional style italic. Linotype modernized the typeface in 1982 and released it as New Caledonia. This large family is perfect for text due to its broad range of weights. Caledonia’s cool, classic look is fit for nearly anything.

Finally, the beautiful floral and geometric patterns
of Dwiggins’ Caravan Borders serve well as
complementary ornaments for all his fonts.

  OpenType Flirt Will
Make You A Lover

You’ve probably heard whisperings of OpenType, but glazed over once you were inundated with technical talk. In human terms, what is OpenType? Probably the most significant advancement in font technology in several years — no kidding. This new format offers type users unprecedented power and flexibility. With OpenType, multiple platforms (Mac and PC) and multiple fonts (small caps, expert, lining figures) can exist in a single font file. Ligature, swash, and alternate characters can be applied automatically. Each font can hold thousands of extra characters, vastly enhancing your typography toolset.

A great way to experience OpenType for the first time is to upgrade familiar fonts to the format. That’s why Linotype offers OpenType Flirt, a CD of 1,392 OpenType fonts along with their equivalent legacy versions in Mac PS, PC PS, and PC TT formats. With Flirt, Linotype brings some of their most successful typefaces to OpenType. It’s a great option for design firms who need multiple formats and multiple users. Choose between a 10-user ($3,999) or 20-user ($6,999) license and supply your office with a versatile library from which you’ll draw for years to come.

OpenType Flirt is not currently available. But we carry many individual OpenType fonts from Linotype.

  Freakishly Fantastic Fonts for Fall

Halloween is nigh and you know Comic Sans won’t do for the invitation to your October 31 bash. The Linotype collection has plenty of spooky type fit for the season. So close your drab font menu and suck some scary from Take a peek at ITC Spooky, Smack, Chiller, ITC Stranger, Hollyweird, and Notre Dame. You can also decorate with ghoulish imagery from dingbats: ITC Dave’s Raves, ITC Fontoonies, ITC Gargoonies, and Linotype Freak Cabinet.

And no, it’s not too early to start thinking about the winter holidays. Be prepared with classic frills from XMas Pi and DF Calligraphic Ornaments. Evoke an olde tyme seasonal spirit with Duc de Berry.




Fonts used in title graphic: Metro, Smack, Caledonia, and Linotype Freak Cabinet.


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