Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase FF Maiola Bold Italic.

Veronika Burian’s FF Maiola is a TDC2 winner. It’s received rave reviews from designers worldwide. So why give away the Bold Italic weight? We want you to experience the quality for yourself.


2005 FontFont Calendar

It’s not too late to download the 2005 FontFont Calendar. The month of November features FF Klunderscript™ and FF Ottofont™, by Barbara Klunder.


Heard all the hullaballoo about OpenType®, but bored to death by technical jargon? We don't blame you. Here it is in more human terms: OpenType is the most significant advancement in font technology in recent years. Seriously. It's like the compact disc to the cassette tape. The DVD to the VHS. This new format offers type users unprecedented power and flexibility.

With OpenType, multiple platforms (Mac and PC), multiple fonts (small caps, expert, various figure sets) and multiple languages (Western, Cyrillic, and Greek) can exist in a single font file. Ligature, swash, and alternate characters can be applied automatically. Each font can hold thousands of extra characters, vastly enhancing your typography toolset.

To learn more about more about OpenType features, compatibility, and installation, download our OpenType User Guide (742KB PDF).

We're continually adding new feature-rich OpenType fonts to Here are some of our favorites:

The sophisticated script fonts above now mimic the nuances
of real handwriting even more convincingly. The new OpenType
versions feature natural connections and stylistic alternates.

These multifaceted type families come complete with small caps,
expert sets, various numeral styles, and multilingual support –
everything you need to set professional text. Cronos, Jenson,
and Warnock? also sport size-specific cuts, so you get beautiful,
readable type from tiny captions to elegant headlines.

Mac or PC? PostScript or TrueType?
You'll Never Have to Decide Again

OpenType does everything that the old PostScript and TrueType formats can do, and they are compatible with all modern operating systems and software. Ditch those old files and upgrade your favorite fonts to OpenType. FontShop now carries hundreds of Linotype classics in the new format. Look for typefaces with the "Std" label. These OpenType Standard fonts provide that great convenience of all OT fonts: cross-platformability. Use the same font file on Windows and Mac systems. Swap files between computers without fear of reflowing text.

What's the quickest, most economical way to upgrade? Get 1,392 Linotype OT Std fonts all at once with the OpenType Flirt Font CD (10 User License) for $3,999.50. At $4 per font, it's an excellent investment for the entire design studio or small office.




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