Pillowy Soft Scripts

While prowling the shop aisles for our series on packaging typography, we encountered a legion of labels adorned with soft, but lively handwritten scripts. They are most commonly seen in the house cleaning, laundry, and health care sections of the supermarket. You know: dryer sheets, paper towels, hand soap. For those who would like to emulate this freestyle flow, a call to a talented artist is in order, as most fonts are custom drawn for the brands they represent. Still, there are a few fonts convincing enough to be mistaken for a commissioned lettering job.


Versa™ by Peter Verheul for OurType®

Although it’s not really a script, the soft, warm italics of the Versa superfamily fit perfectly in this genre.


Bello™ by Underware®

Go for the OpenType Pro version and get all ligatures, alternates, and small caps in a single font file.


Ambiance™ by Rob Leuschke for Bitstream®

Like the logo for Caress® (seen above), Ambiance dances gracefully along the baseline with swashes and alternates for a handwritten feel.

FF Strada

FF Strada™ by Albert Pinggera for FontFont®

FF Strada’s heavy italics and the lettering of Soft Scrub® (see above) are cut from the same cloth. The rest of the family is a full-featured sans serif that can set both casual and serious texts equally well.

FF Tartine Script

FF Tartine Script™ by Xavier Dupré for FontFont®

Logos practically paint themselves with this brush script. Three weights and alternate swash caps are included.


Blizzard™ by URW® from Julius Kirn’s Bison of 1938.

This one’s a little bit of a throwback. Ideal for retro packaging and advertising.


Zennor™ by Phill Grimshaw for Letraset®

Who knew "globular" could look so fresh and lively? This style would be erratic and unreadable in the hands of a less-experienced designer, but Grimshaw keeps Zennor confident and controlled without losing its spirit.


Spring™ by Garrett Boge for Letter Perfect®

An energetic brush script in two weights. Regular shown. Light also on tap.

FF Cocon

FF Cocon™ by Evert Bloemsma for FontFont®

There’s nothing quite like this sans serif family of 16 styles and weights. The late, great Bloemsma experimented with removing the traditional stems from letters like a, d, n, u.

La Salle

La Salle™ by Elsner+Flake®

Toilet tissue feels bouncier and fabric softener smells more fresh with La Salle, an animated advertising face from yesteryear.


Maiandra™ by Dennis Pasternak for Galapagos Design®

Inspired by early lettering by Oswald Cooper, one of the grandfathers of bold, friendly type, Maiandra is alive with Cooper’s purposeful irregularities or "meanders", from which its name is derived. Comes in 6 weights.



In 1953, Harold Broderson created this animated script to bring advertising to life. As always, the Free Font of the Month is available for a limited time. Now it can enliven your work — for free!

Free offer no longer available but you can still test and purchase Brody.


FontShop 2006 Calendar: September

Last month's mystery font, Fournier, will grace the month of September in a printable PDF calendar and desktop wallpaper.



Font used in title graphic: Mercurius™.


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