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Today we introduce the vibrant DSType collection to the FontShop network. Portugal’s Dino dos Santos is one of the young rising stars of type design. Showing a maturity beyond his years, his versatile type systems are primed for serious typography with expansive language support and a full complement of small caps, ligatures, and decorative alternates all in OpenType.

Speaking of OpenType, Emigre is the latest font library to get an OT update. Classics of the digital revolution like Mrs Eaves, Cholla, Mason, and Tarzana, and popular new releases like Malaga and the Vista series now benefit from the ease of use that the professional font format brings. Wrapping up this release of pro typefaces are brand new designs from TypeTogether and Type-Ø-Tones.


Estilo, Estilo Script, Estilo Text OpenType

This art deco influenced family began with Estilo, a single weight of small caps with a large set of ligatures for elegant display typography. Curvaceaous capitals and a lowercase followed in Estilo Script and soon the demand was high for a text series with standard spacing and italics. Estilo is ideal for gourmet food packaging or luxury logotypes.

Leitura Family

Leitura, Leitura News, Leitura Sans,
Leitura Display, Leitura Headline OpenType

Leitura is a complete type system designed for newspapers, magazines, and other publications where a variety of styles for different settings are needed. All the text fonts (Leitura, News, Sans) have compatible weights and x-heights, Leitura Headline is compact for fitting the most news in the narrowest of columns, and Leitura Display has extra high contrast for eye-catching feature titles. Every font in the series includes small caps, ligatures, alternates, and swashes, making Leitura one of the most versatile families for editorial design. Get an overview in this comprehensive PDF.


Ventura OpenType

Recognized by the TDC in their annual Type Design Competition, Ventura emulates a style of Portuguese calligraphy unique among the standard copperplate scripts. See more in the specimen PDF.


Musee OpenType

Drawing from the same 17th century source as Monotype’s Plantin, Musee takes a decidedly more flamboyant approach to the types of the Antwerp printer, more daring in its details and replete with ornamental ligatures and tailed glyphs. Download the specimen PDF.

Prelo Sans and Prelo Slab

Prelo, Prelo Condensed, Prelo Compressed, Prelo Slab OpenType

In editorial design there are few things more useful than a clear, readable sans with a large range of weights and widths. Prelo delivers with small caps, four figure styles, and Central European language support in nine weights and three widths. Prelo Slab is a matching companion with hefty serifs for strong statements. To top it off, each weight in the family has the same footprint, so you can change from Hairline to Black without any change in width or text flow.

Glosa Text and Glosa Headline

Glosa, Glosa Text, & Glosa Headline OpenType

Glosa is delicate and highly readable at very small sizes but reveals all its strength and personality when used at big sizes. The contrast of the sharped serifs and ball terminals, provide a fresh and very contemporary look.

Glosa Text is a bracketed serif, softer, smooth and less idiosyncratic, suitable for text settings. Both styles have four weights and italics, in a workhorse typeface, full of OpenType features such as small caps, tabular figures, Central Europe characters and historical figures, among others.

Glosa Headline is ideally suited for nameplates and headline typography, with four weights and lowercase matching the small cap height.


Andrade OpenType

A tribute to important Portuguese type founder Andrade de Figueiredo, Dino dos Santos expanded the concept of a Didone with this family that spans the typographic gamut from functional text to elaborate script. Not only is every stylistic palette satisfied, but linguistically Andrade performs as well, including both Central European and Greek (in the text fonts). Don’t miss all the gorgeous details, download and print the specimen PDF.


Athelas OpenType

Returning to the beauty of fine book printing, Athelas shows its best side in finely crafted book editions and good printing conditions. Athelas has a large character set that covers most of the languages that use Latin script, and though inspired by classic British literature, this typeface respects the cultural values behind different languages, where diacritic marks have an utterly important role. Athelas features four weights and about 800 characters per weight, including small caps, discretionary ligatures, fractions, a complete range of numerals for every use, and a set of ornaments and arrows.


Rumba OpenType A FontShop Exclusive

Winner of a TDC2 Certificate of Excellence, Rumba is a unique type family, a lively demonstration of informal handwriting and calligraphy in three size-specific fonts: Small, Large, and Extra. Laura Meseguer created Rumba as part of her postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Her design is based on the font family concept with members that are interrelated depending on the differences in contrast, expressiveness and use, not on the classic range of weights.

Vista Sans and Vista Slab

Vista Sans, & Vista Slab OpenType

First among the Emigre fonts updated to OpenType is the Vista family, another TDC2 award winner. Extra glyphs like small caps and alternates are now much simpler to access thanks to OT menu. The Sans Narrow and Slab versions were added to the Vista family in 2008, extending this superfamily to a total of 108 fonts. Packages are grouped into sets of contrasting weights for the most value and functionality.

Mrs Eaves

Mrs Eaves OpenType

Emigre’s most popular typeface once spread across nine fonts in legacy format with three more just for the extensive ligature set. With OpenType, the family is reduced to just three convenient fonts: Roman, Italic, and Bold. All the ligatures, small caps and petite caps are still available, but now they are invoked with a simple flip of the OT option in Adobe CS or Quark 7 rather than a wade through the font menu.


Filosofia OpenType

Zuzana Licko’s elegant take on Bodoni is now available in OpenType with small caps, figure sets, and ornaments built in.


Priori OpenType

A beautiful study in the myriad forms a letter can take within the British type and lettering tradition, Jonathan Barnbrook’s Priori is a logical progression from his popular Exocet and Mason designs. OpenType provides a convenient vehicle for all these alternate forms. Get a preview of what you’ll see via the glyph palette in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator with our character set viewer.


Dalliance OpenType
A 19th century German map maker’s handwriting is brilliantly revived in this set of roman and script fonts with fanciful ligatures, swash endings, and flourishes. For such an ornamental design, Dalliance has a surprising number of features usually reserved for text fonts, such as text and proportional lining figures, fractions, and small caps.


Cholla OpenType
Another typeface brimming with features, Cholla’s inventive unicase ligatures can all live side by side with the rest of the Wide family where it belongs.


Mason Sans, Mason Serif OpenType
The stylistic alternates and raised “Super” glyphs of this Emigre megahit are now all available in a single font per weight. No more swapping fonts to get resplendent fitting action.


Vendetta OpenType
One of our favorite underused text serifs now comes in the format it deserves. Vendetta sets readable yet distinctive blocks of copy and includes the small caps, petite caps, four figure styles, and even vertical fractions you need for elegant book and magazine typesetting.



Fonts used in title graphic: Priori OT & Leitura.


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