FontShop Newsletter: September 7, 2011
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New Newlyn font: Rubrik
New IHOF font: P22 Casual Script
New TypeTogether font: Capitolium News 2
More new fonts: Monroe, Coche, Gay, Horizon, Quartz, Prima
New sublibrary: profonts
New Newlyn font: Rubrik
Newlyn: Rubrik


Designed by Miles Newlyn
Published by Newlyn


It’s nice to come across one like this. In creating Rubrik, Miles Newlyn put approachability first. His models were the friendly, forthright rounded typewriter faces of the industrial revolution, influenced by myriad of square tech sanses. Though the face is decidedly rooted in today’s technology (note the spurless a, n, and the unfolding cap M), it effectuates warmth. The pairing of a large x-height with short extenders, alongside closed round forms with their tight apertures, make Rubrik abundantly breathable. There are six weights, extra light to bold. There is no italic.

Download Rubrik Specimen PDF

New IHOF font: P22 Casual Script
IHOF: P22 Casual Script

P22 Casual Script

Designed by Richard Kegler
Published by IHOF


P22 Casual Script Pro is based on hand-drawn scripts used in mid-20th century advertising. A free-flowing alternative to thicker, casual script styles, this delicate brush style flings open the doors to Memory Lane, evoking vintage product advertisements and packaging lettering. The OpenType Pro font includes over 500 glyphs with OpenType scripting and ligatures for a natural, random effect, small caps, a full Central European character set, swash characters and more.

New TypeTogether font: Capitolium News 2
TypeTogether: Capitolium News 2

Capitolium News 2

Designed by Gerard Unger
Published by TypeTogether


Designed in 1998 for the Jubilee of the Roman Catholic Church in 2000, Capitolium was originally conceived for the wayfinding and information system in Rome. Soon after the completion of this project, Gerard Unger began contemplating bringing his design to newspapers. But alas, though Capitolium works well on-screen and in most modern production processes, it proved too fragile for newsprint. Solution: Capitolium News. This versatile update maintains tradition with its classic letterforms and gives web designers sturdier shapes, more characters to a line of text, and a bigger x-height. Like most of Unger’s type designs, it can be condensed and expanded with aplomb.

And with 250 new glyphs for full Latin A language support, new ligatures, four sets of numerals, arbitrary fractions, superiors/inferiors, and fine-tuned kerning, Capitolium News is one well-oiled, high-performing machine.

Download Capitolium News 2 PDF

More new fonts: Monroe, Coche, Gay, Horizon, Quartz, Prima


Designed by Daniel Hernández
Published by Sudtipos

Monroe designer Daniel Hernández has discovered just how much fun a monolinear display type can be. The interplay between its cheery curves and straight straights is full-on vivacious. Using the face wisely is an exercise in restraint; with so many swash alternates and ligatures and a set of intelligently selected contextual alternates, Monroe makes it easy to set some scintillating lines fast — or stay and play. The face comes in two weights, light and bold.

Sudtipos: Monroe


Designed by Alejandro Paul, Angel Koziupa
Published by Sudtipos

Coche is a rare find. Drawn to fill the void between calligraphic and fast Roman branding types, the rounded letterforms slide up and down the spectrum from connected script to slanted Roman. The face makes its mark boldly with scores of alternate characters and small caps.

Sudtipos: Coche

Filmotype Gay

Designed by Mark Simonson
Published by Filmotype

Mark Simonson revives a Filmotype face, Gay, whose beauty is elegant and frank. Filmotype Gay maintains the hand-lettered warmth of its recent ancestor, Filmotype Ginger, with a lighter, crisper weight. It also offers all the set-from-film features we’d expect: OpenType ordinals, fractions, and alternates.

Filmotype: Gay

Filmotype Horizon

Designed by Neil Summerour
Published by Filmotype

Neil Summerour’s work on Filmotype Horizon yields one of the first casual brush script faces produced for film typesetting. The gentle tip of its axis and its careful fitting make it especially suited to compact setting. This one comes with alternates aplenty and sophisticated OpenType substitution.

Filmotype: Horizon

Filmotype Quartz

Designed by Stuart Sandler
Published by Filmotype

Stuart Sandler’s faithful reproduction of Filmotype Quartz gets the details right. The 60s inline showcard sans plays off of a modernist structure, carefully minding the baseline bounce and varying the line quality and terminal angle.

Filmotype: Quartz

Filmotype Prima

Designed by Patrick Griffin
Published by Filmotype

Patrick Griffin’s revision of Filmotype Prima, a freestyle lettering face, shows off showcard style like it’s cruising down Main Street in a Cadillac in 1955. The salient Prima speaks two languages at once; the stories it tells are as aw-shucks-matter-of-fact as they are dazzling.

Filmotype: Prima
New sublibrary profonts

profonts is a digital type foundry based in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, Germany. This sub-label of URW++ releases high-quality, feature-rich OpenType Pro fonts. The collection showcases script and display faces, and offers an appealing selection of beautifully reworked, enhanced, digitally remastered revivals. profonts fonts cover the full Latin character set, including Central Europe, the Baltic Rim, and Turkey. Scrips such as Laramie, Sonora, and Valentine come with over 1000 glyphs per font and use OpenType features for an authentic, joined-up look. Some profonts typefaces such as Euroscript and EuroSans include Greek and/or Cyrillic.

  profonts: Legende Regular

Legede Regular

  profonts: Stripes


  profonts: Leipziger Antiqua

Leipziger Antiqua

  profonts: Pedell


  profonts: Montauk


  profonts: Graphique


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