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Tailor your webfonts to perfectly suit your needs with the free online tool FontFont Subsetter. Reduce Web FontFonts down to a measly 10% of their original file size, drastically increasing the speed of web page rendering for visitors, optimizing bandwidth usage, and reducing high-traffic costs for website owners.



FontFonter is a revolutionary app from FontFont that lets you try Web FontFonts on any site. Drag the bookmarklet to the toolbar of your browser, visit a website, and select one sans and one serif font to replace the ones on your screen. It’s like magic!



Is your client work extending beyond conventional desktop and web uses? App+ licensing offers simple options for embedding FontFonts in ebooks, apps, console games, consumer electronics, you name it. Renew year-to-year or purchase a perpetual license as easily as you would a standard desktop font.


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