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Custom & Corporate Fonts

Custom and Corporate Fonts

Type is an expression of your brand. Like colors, images, and other design elements, a typeface conveys your core brand attributes. The way your words look on your brochure, screen, package, or product can influence your customers′ perceptions and leave a lasting impression. Every letter can distinguish your brand. That′s why choosing the right typeface is critical.

Fonts are more than just styles chosen from a drop down menu however. Fonts are software—they need proper licensing, distribution, and management. By paying attention to these matters, you can make sure your fonts are working for you - and not against you. The benefits are myriad: a streamlined workflow, a strong cohesive brand identity, and fewer headaches all around.

FontShop can assist design firms and in-house marketing departments with corporate identity implementation. Be it simple modification of existing typefaces, a bespoke design, or customized families of select weights, FontShop can create specific corporate requirements. Special multi-user or corporate licenses can be provided to help maintain your corporate typographic standards.

Custom Work Style Linking
Custom type isn't as expensive as you might believe. While we can't offer online quotes on every project, here are a sampling of prices:
  • Format Conversion
    Switch between PostScript, TrueType, and OpenType
    $30.00 per weight
  • Style Linking/Grouping
    $100.00 for a four weight family
  • Logo Fonts

Pricing is available on a project-specific basis for the following services:

  • Corporate Naming
  • Custom Characters/Alternates
  • Custom Ligatures
  • Custom Typeface
  • Digitization of your typeface
  • Lining/Oldstyle/Tabular Figures

Give us your specs and we′ll sort out a price double-quick. Contact FontShop′s corporate font team for more information.

Our corporate services brochure provides an overview of the many considerations for a well-grounded corporate typography program:
contact us for a free copy.

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If the shoe fits…

Despite the thousands of typefaces available, there remain situations where a customized design is needed. Here are a few of the ways can build a typographic toolset that is right for your organization.

Font Conversion

Need a custom weight made in-between existing bold and black weights? We can make custom weights for your favorite typefaces.

Custom a

Know what you want to use, but it′s not quite right? We can modify existing typefaces to meet your requirements.

Personal Typeface

Want your very own typeface, designed from scratch by an expert designer in our global network? Our custom typefaces are a perfect way to distinguish your brand.

FontShop can deliver the fonts your business needs to stand out. Satisfied customers include:

  • HP
  • Nissan
  • Bank of America
  • Whole Foods Market
  • W Hotel
  • Pfizer Limited
  • Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
  • LaunchPad Hosting & Design
  • TEKsystems, Inc.
  • Prima Publishing

Contact us for more information about custom type services.