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Patrick Griffin

There are 1095 downloads by this designer. Click any sample to view font details and purchase options.

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Best for desktop publishing and is the most full-featured font format (although OT-savvy apps such as InDesign are required to access advanced typographic control).

Created for use with Microsoft Office.

Optimized for use exclusively on web pages. Self-hosted or hosted through Typekit, these fonts are perpetually licensed based on the number of pageviews per month for all sites in an organization using the font.

For embedding into mobile apps, eBooks, games, editable PDFs, embedded applications, and more. Unlimited usage for the duration of the licensing term.
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  1. Sol Pro Condensed Black Web

    Sol Pro Condensed Black Web


    by Canada Type

    1 font | $29.95
  2. Fab Web

    Fab Web


    by Canada Type

    5 fonts | $39.95
  3. P22 Counter Swash Alts Web

    P22 Counter Swash Alts Web


    by IHOF

    1 font | $120
  4. Recta Medium Italic Web

    Recta Medium Italic Web


    by Canada Type

    1 font | $24.95
  5. Memoriam Pro Inline Web

    Memoriam Pro Inline Web


    by Canada Type

    1 font | $49.95
  6. Gamer Web

    Gamer Web


    by Canada Type

    6 fonts | $49.95
  7. Symposium Pro Bold Web

    Symposium Pro Bold Web


    by Canada Type

    1 font | $49.95
  8. Tuba Regular Web

    Tuba Regular Web


    by Canada Type

    1 font | $24.95
  9. Trump Gothic Web

    Trump Gothic Web


    by Canada Type

    12 fonts | $59.95
  10. Vox Wide Volume Web

    Vox Wide Volume Web


    by Canada Type

    10 fonts | $149.95
  11. Screener Web

    Screener Web


    by Canada Type

    12 fonts | $79.95
Displaying 151 to 180 (of 1095 items)