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End User License Agreement (EULA)

Fountain License Agreement

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End User License Agreement

Notice to User

Removing the disk from the Fountain font package constitutes an agreement between Fountain and the original purchaser of the enclosed typefaces that the terms and conditions of this agreement will be followed.

Grant of License

The purchase of this software grants you the non-exclusive right to use and display a copy of the software on up to three (3) computers with attached monitors and printers at any one time. If the entire Fountain collection has been purchased on CD, you have the right to use and display a copy of the software on up to twenty (20) computers with attached monitors and printers at any one time. One copy may be made for back-up. That's it.


This software is copyrighted and contains intellectual property information protected by law. Don't make copies of the typefaces and give them away. You may give a copy of this software to any service bureau, which you hire to output your film, paper or colour proofs, provided that they do not use the typefaces for any purpose other than outputting your work. They may keep the fonts on file for use with future jobs on your behalf. You agree that if these fonts are opened in Fontographer or any other type modification software, you may alter fonts for your own specific design purposes, but agree not save the adapted versions for the purpose of reselling them as new fonts.

Electronic Publishing

These fonts may be used within portable electronic documents with the following limitations:

a. Fountain fonts may be embedded into electronic documents such as the PDF (Portable Document Format) files created by Adobe Acrobat. If different software is used to create these electronic documents, it is necessary to ensure that when the documents are made available to other users, the actual font files will not accessible to the recipients of your files. Font embedding, or conversion into a GIF or JPEG format is required before any distribution can take place. Using Adobe Illustrator or any similar applications which convert the font characters into editable outlines (which are easily accessible to document recipients), is NOT an acceptable means of producing an electronic document for distribution.

b. With the exception of documents produced for internal company use and for font cataloging at your site, it is prohibited for an electronic document OR a printed document to be distributed externally if it resembles a font sample (showing numerous characters from the font in sequential order: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, etc.) or has all or a large percentage of the characters from the font without any apparent reason for their inclusion in the text.

Transfer of Ownership

This software may be sold to a third party so long as no backup copies are kept by the original purchaser, either on diskette, on a hard drive or any other storage medium or device. To rent, lease or lend this software is prohibited.

Multiple-User Licensing

If you have purchased Fountain fonts you are licensed to use them on up to three different computers. If you plan to install the font software on more than three computers, or if you plan to install the software onto a local area network so that it will be accessible to more than three computers, the purchase of a Multiple-User Licensing Fee is necessary.

Calculating Multiple User Licensing Fee:

If you have paid this additional licensing fee, you may install this software onto the number of computers you have paid licensing for, so long as these computers all belong to the company, which has paid this licensing fee. You are prohibited from providing this software to any other company or outside users, except where the other company will be using these fonts exclusively for the preparation of a project on your behalf. While this is an exception to the rule for your convenience, it assumes that this will not be a frequent circumstance; regular outside contracts involving more than three external designers is NOT covered by this exception. Where this exception does apply, you agree to provide any such o

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