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End User License Agreement (EULA) License Agreement for Colvert Regular Latin OT logo — End-User License Agreement

Purchase of a license does not constitute actual ownership of the font(s) – the ownership of the font(s) remains with the author(s) – but gives the right to use the font(s) within certain limits, determined by this License Agreement. This agreement applies to each font made by unless the website mentions different terms of licensing for the font(s).

The word “font” used herein means the software/file that generates typeface designs when used with the appropriate hardware and software. Except as otherwise provided, grants you a non-exclusive license for the use of the font(s) and of its documentation. also reserves all rights relative to the intellectual property of the products. Upon purchase, we grant you a license to use the font(s) within the terms of this License Agreement.

1) A font made by is licensed for use at one location with a maximum of 5 users. Using this font at more than one location and/or with more than 5 users requires a specific license upgrade.

2) Except as permitted herein, you may not rename, modify, copy, or distribute a font from in full or in part, nor distribute its related documentation. Please contact for any particular demand (adding a character for example).

3) For you personal use only, you are permitted to make back-up copies of the font on cd, hard disk, or usb drive.

4) shall not be responsible for any problem relative to the use of any specific

software or computer, or any specific version of a software or computer.

5) No refund.

6) Under no circumstances shall be responsible for the use made of its fonts, nor for any damage related to the use of the fonts, whatever this damage may be. shall in no event be liable to the licensed user, except for the cases described in the License Agreement.

7) We request anyone using a font from in a professional context, notably publishers, to identify the font by name and copyright, but it is not an obligation.

This License Agreement applies in all territories of the world and as long as the intellectual and artistic property defined by the French and the international legislation as well as by the international conventions lasts.