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Best Fonts of 2015

February 02, 2016 by
FontShop Team
FontShop Team

The delightfulness of great type, carried through its forms and textures, complexity and simplicity, is to us a great source of satisfaction. Now with 2015 at a close we’re pleased to show our selections for the best of the past year, just the greats.

How We Chose Them

As with all good curation, the selection process was uncompromisingly arbitrary. We started with passing around a list of the year’s releases, each member of the staff ticking a box next to their favorites. When it came time to narrow it down, editors Yves Peters and David Sudweeks looked at which entries got the highest marks, which felt underrepresented, and took it down further to just 15.

Łukasz Dziedzic for FontFont

Contrary to the one-off nature of most script fonts, FF Eggo™ is a tasty upright script in five weights; and don’t worry, it comes with italics!

Buy FF Eggo now

Mark Caneso for ps.type

At large sizes this wide-set English Grotesque creates a cohesive, swirling texture by means of its inwardly-curved terminals.

Buy Campaign Grotesk now

César Puertas for Bold Monday

Buendia gives the typographer a complete text suite with supporting display faces, all in a minimum of styles, and all filled with Iberian sensibility.

Buy Buendia now

Jens Kutílek for FontFont

Calm, unpretentious and yet reservedly flamboyant once you spend an afternoon together, FF Hertz™ is the kind of typeface that slowly warms to its reader.

Buy FF Hertz now

Ulrike Rausch for LiebeFonts

This neat upright cursive looks at home in both American and European markets, due to its inventive and culturally blurred forms.

Buy LiebeLotte now

Sami Kortemäki, Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs for Underware

Underware takes the entire stencil game up a notch with Tripper, a playful industrial face with chromatic sets, ‘stencil kerning,’ and variants for producing physical stencils.

Buy Tripper now

Bruno Mello for Dalton Maag

In seven weights, Objektiv steps through three discrete levels of the geometric sans, from most severely geometric, Mk 1, to most readable, Mk 3, with a soft pedal in between.

Buy Objektiv now

Gareth Hague for Alias

Sabre owes its striking appearance to the letter parts connected at an incised, angular point, as if snapped together from a kit. Its sharp aesthetic is inspired by inscriptional forms of letters carved from stone.

Buy Sabre now

Alejandro Paul for Sudtipos

Drawing from multiple historical sources, the elegant quill script Auberge offers a wealth of alternates, swashes, and ornaments.

Buy Auberge Script now

By Letters from Sweden

The interplay of verticals, horizontals and diagonals in the sturdy slab serif Brace is reminiscent of the traditional Swedish “korsvirke” (timber framing).

Buy Brace now

Jasper de Waard for Bureau Roffa

Optimized for large sizes, Proza Display increases the contrast in the humanist sans serif shapes of Proza for added impact and elegance.

Buy Proza Display now

Charles Gibbons for Filmotype

Taking its cue from wide slab serifs like the popular Hellenic Wide, Filmotype Wand introduces more rounded forms for higher readability. The character set also covers Greek and Cyrillic.

Buy Filmotype Wand now

Satya Rajpurohit for Indian Type Foundry

The straight-sided display sans Akhand delivers impact where space is of the essence. The super family covers Latin as well as a variety of Indian scripts.

Buy Akhand now

By Laura Worthington

Beloved offers a unique range for display use – a monoline romantic script evoking classic 20th-century penmanship; a sans serif titling face with numerous swashes and alternate forms; and a set of ornaments.

Buy Beloved now

Toshi Omagari for Type Together

Marco is a lively text face with a touch of informality. Its letter forms were inspired by 15th century humanist types, which were admired for their beauty and ingenuity.

Buy Marco now

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