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Handpicked Typefaces

Big Script Sale

February 22, 2022

Welcome to the BIG Script Sale! A curated selection of OVER 50 scrumptious script fonts for all tastes! With SALES up to 50% OFF, you’ll want to snag these deals right away. Many type-enthusiasts and creatives utilize script fonts in many different ways, because of this, we are sparking your creativity by showcasing these amazing scripts in their best use cases, like packaging, logo design, apparel, and much more. Be sure to keep an eye out each day this week, we’ll also be bringing you Script Tips each day.

Big Script SALE ends March 29th at 11:59 p.m. EDT., grab these deals today!

Rage™ Italic


1 Style by ITC

Buy Rage™ Italic



3 Styles by Melvastype

Buy Magneton

Calton Elegance

$16.00 $11.20

3 Styles by Lemonthe

Buy Calton Elegance


$23.00 $13.80

1 Style by Letteralle

Buy Acardia

Roxborough CF


16 Styles by Connary Fagen

Buy Roxborough CF


$18.00 $12.60

1 Style by MrLetters

Buy Sabiya

Play Ground

$16.00 $9.60

3 Styles by Wacaksara co

Buy Play Ground


$29.00 $17.40

1 Style by Tart Workshop

Buy Carrotflower™



12 Styles by HeadFirst

Buy Larrikin

VVDS Big Tickle

$35.00 $21.00

15 Styles by Vintage Voyage Design Supply

Buy VVDS Big Tickle


Justine Garden

$14.00 $9.80

2 Styles by Attract Studio

Buy Justine Garden

London History

$15.00 $10.50

2 Styles by Attract Studio

Buy London History

English 111

$75.00 $37.50

3 Styles by Bitstream

Buy English 111

Flemish Script™


1 Style by Bitstream

Buy Flemish Script

ITC Edwardian Script™


2 Styles by ITC

Buy ITC Edwardian Script



1 Style by Jen Wagner Co.

Buy Amora



2 Styles by Letterhend

Buy Cardila

Kuenstler Script®


4 Styles by Linotype

Buy Kuenstler Script

Notera 2


10 Styles by Mans Greback

Buy Notera 2



1 Style by MrLetters

Buy Santorini



1 Style by

Buy Lukara

PF Champion Script Pro®


2 Styles by Parachute

Buy PF Champion Script Pro

Palm Honey


1 Style by PeachCreme

Buy Palm Honey



3 Styles by Twinletter

Buy Adigussto

Parfumerie Script


7 Styles by Typesenses

Buy Parfumerie Script

Meritorious Script


2 Styles by Wacaksara co

Buy Meritorious Script


Take All


1 Style by Andfonts

Buy Take All



9 Styles by Balevgraph Studio

Buy Helina



2 Styles by Cititype

Buy Zagreb



21 Styles by Typesenses

Buy Blend



1 Style by District 62 Studio

Buy Sonneta



1 Style by DYSA Studio

Buy Renattosa



5 Styles by Eurotypo

Buy Clauques

Vanilla Shot™


5 Style by Fenotype

Buy Vanilla Shot

Christmas Worship


2 Styles by Letterara

Buy Christmas Worship

Remachine Script™


1 Style by Mans Greback

Buy Remachine Script

Billy Signature


2 Styles by Omotu

Buy Billy Signature

Luxe Atelier


1 Style by PeachCreme

Buy Luxe Atelier



2 Styles by PeachCreme

Buy Romes



1 Style by Cititype

Buy Sandstone




1 Style by Allhouse

Buy Christnolan

Viva Beautiful


3 Styles by Cultivated Mind

Buy Viva Beautiful

Ultra System


8 Styles by Set Sail Studios

Buy Ultra System

Wild Loops


2 Styles by Michael Rafailyk

Buy Wild Loops

Gutters Butter


8 Styles by Omotu

Buy Gutters Butter



4 Styles by ParaType

Buy Dom



1 Style by Zamjump

Buy Bluerocks

Mono and Friends


6 Styles by Alit Design

Buy Mono and Friends




3 Styles by Estudio Calderon

Buy Saltbush



4 Styles by Type Associates

Buy Billabong



1 Style by Eclectotype

Buy Ollie

FF Market®


3 Styles by FontFont

Buy FF Market

Freedom Writer BF™


1 Style by Bomparte's Fonts

Buy Freedom Writer BF

Filmotype LaCrosse™


1 Style by Filmotype

Buy Filmotype LaCrosse




4 Styles by Monotype

Buy Blueprint

Lucida Handwriting®


5 Styles by Monotype

Buy Lucida Handwriting

Gretel Script


3 Styles by Typejockeys

Buy Gretel Script



1 Style by URW Type Foundry

Buy Mistral®




1 Style by Melvastype

Buy Kaleidos

Shanghai Signature


4 Styles by Cititype

Buy Shanghai Signature

Menthol Signature


1 Style by Din Studio

Buy Menthol Signature

Singlesville Script™


1 Style by Font Diner

Buy Singlesville Script

Bread Store


2 Styles by HansCo

Buy Bread Store

Reklame Script™


4 Styles by HVD Fonts

Buy Reklame Script

Belinda New


3 Styles by Melvastype

Buy Belinda New



1 Style by My Creative Land

Buy Parlare



5 Styles by PleasureFonts

Buy Charlonka



5 Styles by Adam Ladd

Buy Braisetto

Chalky Letters


17 Styles by DimitriAna

Buy Chalky Letters



4 Styles by Fenotype

Buy Kiosk

Alana Smooth


1 Style by Laura Worthington

Buy Alana Smooth

Maradona Signature


1 Style by NJ Studio

Buy Maradona Signature