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Thank you for being our customer, we deeply value you and could not have made it with out you. Our foundry partners are also grateful and are offering some generous discounts this week. Make the most of the foundry–wide discounts from foundries like Connary Fagen, Zetafonts, Paratype, DearType, Gleb Guralnyk and more. We are also featuring some amazing families from up and coming foundries, a must have for your font library.

Each day this week we will be giving away a different free font with your order. Make sure to stop by this page or check your email to see which font you can get with your order.

This promotion ends on Dec 1st @11:59 p.m. EST

Bold & Fun Script Bundle

Our Bold and Fun bundle combines a range of script styles perfect for projects that require a personal touch. Each of these fonts delivers handwritten personality and visual flair just in time for the holidays, or for anything that needs that human element. This bundle includes casual brush scripts like Adagio, bouncy marker-drawn fonts like Clanton and Fairground, funky illustrative designs like Bunbury and Douglas, and delicate pen scripts like Maybelle and Hylandia. The bundle contains 17 fonts in all for just $49, and is available through December 1—don’t miss it!

Fonts in the Bundle: 17
Promo Price: $49

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Connary Fagen: Foundry-wide Sale

Connary Fagen, Inc. is a type foundry based in Heber City, Utah. Initially a graphic design studio, its focus shifted to type design beginning with its first three typeface releases in 2014.

ALL font families from this foundry are 50% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

Shop Connary Fagen

Zetafonts: Foundry-wide Sale

Zetafonts is an independent digital type foundry based in Florence, Italy. The foundry was built on the twenty-year experience of its founders: Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. Zetafonts’ goal is to produce typefaces that bridge the gap between practical and beautiful, providing finely crafted and innovative tools for graphic designers, art directors and brand managers. Its designers strive to produce meaningful typefaces in a rapidly evolving market, where design is inspired by quick-moving trends and epochal cultural changes. Its cultural mission is to meld the history of typography with the needs of brand designers and managers in a connected, multicultural world.

ALL font families from this foundry are 65% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

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DearType: Foundry-wide Sale

DearType is a small type foundry in Sofia, Bulgaria run by Veneta Rangelova. The foundry’s main focus is on font families with a personal feel and specific-use design. All fonts have extended Latin support, many have Cyrillic characters and virtually all benefit from stylistic sets and extra characters. All DearType’s scripts offer alternate characters to give designers more variety and freedom in their work.

ALL font families from this foundry are 60% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

Shop DearType

Paratype: Foundry-wide Sale

Paratype is a type foundry with extensive experience and a contemporary approach to type design. Paratype’s font library was founded in the late 1980s and has consistently produced new designs since then. Its versatile collection contains hundreds of professionally crafted typefaces, including the widely popular PT Sans/Serif, Futura PT, DIN 2014, Circe, Fact and Pragmatica designs. All Paratype fonts support extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Businesses both large and small rely on Paratype to create unique fonts expressing their brand identity. Paratype leverages decades of technical expertise in digital typography to provide font mastering services to customers around the world.

Over 300 font families from this foundry are 50% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

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Shop Paratype

Gleb Guralnyk: Foundry-wide Sale

Although most of Gleb’s fonts have a vintage flavor, he doesn’t like to stick to any one theme for very long. He strives to create typefaces in many different styles and traditions – from old gothic calligraphy to modern handwritten scripts, and from medieval antique to minimalist sans-serif designs. “It’s always interesting to create something new, and expand my skills in novel directions,” he says.

ALL font families from this foundry are 50% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

Shop Gleb Guralnyk

Piñata: Foundry-wide Sale

Piñata is an experimental branch of TypeType company. Piñata’s mission is to produce affordable trendy fonts and graphics and to help aspiring font designers find their way in the world of fonts and typography.

ALL font families from this foundry are 75% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

Shop Piñata

TypeTrends: Foundry-wide Sale

TypeTrends is a subsidiary of TypeType and aims to specialize in creating experimental fonts and go beyond the traditional stylistic frameworks. Check out these three typefaces and add them to your collection while saving 75%.

ALL font families from this foundry are 75% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

Shop TypeTrends

Fontfabric: Top Fonts Sale

Fontfabric is a type foundry built up of a compact team of talented and multidisciplinary designers with a passion for high-quality typefaces, calligraphy, lettering etc. Our main goal is to create high-quality and classy fonts on affordable prices which suit any designer’s project including the web, print, t-shirt design, logo etc.

5 top font families from this foundry are 75% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

Up & Coming Foundries Sale

We are featuring 4 new foundries who are offering up to 80% off on 28 families. These families are gems that you will want to try out on your next project.

28 font families up to 80% OFF till Dec 1 – don’t miss out!

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Adonis and Octava are a trademark of ParaType. Mont, Nexa Rust, Intro, and Muller are a trademark of Fontfabric.

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