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24 Hours Flash Sale

Hanken Design Co. is having a FLASH SALE! Cerebri Sans and Suprapower SE, the perfect pairs are both 50% OFF. They are on SALE for 24 HOURS ONLY — Don't miss out, shop now!

Cerebri Sans

Cerebri Sans an amazing font. It's design was inspired by early geometric and grotesque typefaces. Subtle humanist details provide an undercurrent of warmth that simmers just beneath the bones of its contemporary simplicity.

Cerebri Sans’ concept involved the development of a hybrid appearance. Its soft elegance and finely-tuned legibility make it appropriate for a vast range of applications including headlines, editorials, publishing, advertising, corporate communications, white papers, educational texts, web content, and mobile applications.

Cerebri Sans' multilingual support is extensive, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Vietnamese, Pan African Latin, Pinyin and Igbo Onwu for global accessibility.

Styles: 16
Family Package: ON SALE 50% OFF
Published by:Hanken Design Co.

Cerebri Sans Complete Family: 165 USD 50% OFF—82.50 USD
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Suprapower SE

Suprapower SE perfectly pairs with Cerebri Sans. With Suprapower SE being wide in style, it's a great balance to Cerebri Sans Light and Cerebri Sans Regular. These typefaces work well together on posters, packaging, social media posts, and more.

Styles: 1
Individual: ON SALE 50% OFF
Published by:Hanken Design Co.

Superpower SE: 30 USD 50% OFF—15 USD
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24 Hours only - ENDS tonight, July 12th at 11:59 p.m. EDT!